#Review - A column of fire by Ken Follet

If my teachers taught history this good , I would have know most of the stories already. Well, it did not happen and that gives us a reason to pick historical fiction books . This is my first Ken Follet book and if many people say this is the least favorite book of the trilogy, am going to read the first two ,I am sure.

This is not just a book that pits countries or ideologies against each other but also tells the stories of families broken and friendships cracked as politics and religion changed in the region. For me the whole history and the politics of that era and countries - England , France , Spain and Netherlands was very I retesting read. It was interesting to read and know of the Queens that ruled or dominated the scene that time. Also , the setting and the working of the spy network was quite fascinating.

This was a huge fat book that took me just 5 pages to get into it and surprised me with the fondness I had for characters even after I closed the book. A few too many people , but too good action going around all time. The sea warfare was specially my favorite scene of all. This book was a wonderful ride that I managed in less than 2 weeks. That engrossing this book was.

My rating - 5/5

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