Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin

Translated by Megan McDowell

Translated from Spanish into english, this book was short listed for Man Booker International Prize this year. This is a story that is part narrated by a lady lying in the hospital , aware of the approaching death and directed into recounting her recent past by the conversation between her and a child.

The story unwraps slowly and with a visual clarity that few other prose attempt, even though you can feel the chill in every scene that is played in her head by Amanda. There is something so eerie to go through the events and realization that nothing in them could stop whatever is to happen or whatever happened. The calm yet hurried questions by David are like darts in the dark , that lead to only more questions and unexplained answers.

One thing that I kept hoping was this to be a nightmare , but this was so real and so haunting that I think I need a repeat reading of the book to see it's true color and depth. It's heart breaking to see David try hard to find the cause and cure for whatever happened to him and in his own way , he tried to help Amanda in her last wish. But sometimes our own denial of the reality , blocks our understanding.

This book is a gripping tale of mother's love ,sacrifice and secrets kept by her.

Loved this read of 190 pages.

My rating - 4/5 

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