The Wandering Fire - Guy Gavriel Kay

Book 2 of "The Fionavar Tapestry"

ISBN - 9780451458261
PAGES - 375 (Paperback)
GENRE - Fantasy

AUTHOR - Guy Gavriel Kay

SYNOPSIS - The Wandering Fire is the second novel of Guy Gavriel Kay’s critically acclaimed fantasy trilogy, The Fionavar Tapestry. A mage’s power has brought five university students from our world into a realm where an ancient evil has freed itself from captivity to wreak revenge on its enemies.

The ice of eternal winter has reached out to enshroud Fionavar, the first of all worlds. For the Unraveller has broken free after millennia enchained and now his terrible vengeance has begun to take its toll on mortals and immortals, mages and warriors, dwarves and the lios alfar, the Children of Light.

Only five men and women of our own world, brought by magic across the Tapestry of worlds to the very heart of the Weaver’s pattern, can hope to wake the allies they so desperately need. Yet none can foretell whether even these beings out of legend have the power to shatter the Unraveller’s icy grip of death upon the land


  • I am afraid to try for more light lest it mean more dark.
  • Unless the perfidious wolves have the temerity to disobey the High King's plans, we should meet Shalhassan's forces by the Latham in mid-wood with the wolves between us. If they aren't,' Diarmuid concluded, 'we blame anyone and everything except the plan.

FL Speak - 

Previously on the Fionavar Tapestry:
We have had our five main characters moulded in the world of Fionavar to be heroes, catalysts and guides. For better amd some specially for worse, they have returned home and now the plot thickens anew. 

This is that part of the tale where the pleasantries are dispatched off for there lies war ahead. Game faces on, folks. The ride just went up a notch. What we missed in the first book was a direction. There were so many situations occurring at any given time that it was not easy to grasp which ones to focus on. As it should be. Here, in this book, those are dealt with. 

There's more action, more wars, more sleeping with goddesses, sacrifices and a love triangle that's longer than Merlin's beard. There's also plots brewing, fires kindling, love blossoming, hopes blooming in the dark and terrible winter. 

Book 2 ended on a deeply satisfying note. If not for the deaths, it would have been quite a high. But there's nothing like death to wake you up to reality, is there?

RATING - 4/5

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