Losing My Religion by Vishwas Mudagal

The blurb and the cover pic did not intrigue me much for this book. but this book did catch whole of my attention within first few pages. The struggle , the doubts and the journey that Rishi embarks on is very close to reality that we do not wish for but is true for many entrepreneurs. I have been a part of some of these conversations with my friends and irrespective of the outcome , the passion and the loss of it at times is all so real. It is a sort of dramatic ride for Rishi once he meets Alex but the partnership they develop is a solid backbone to the story. Their experiences in search of meaning to their life and as Rishi says , rediscovering his religion , his mojo takes them from Bangalore to Malana to Gokarna.

I will not say that the most part of the story was something unexpectedly new , but the language , the flow and the scenes were sure fun and fresh. I liked Rishi's and Kyra's love story and the events of Haridawar weremost interesting twist in the story. The story kind of picked a lovely pace there onwards but the end was predictable.

I enjoyed this book for the way it portrayed the young of India as not just the bored / partying sort but it actually calls to the spirit of being your own boss and making a life worth remembering. It shows how our choices define our life and that it is ok to take a step back some times to look at the bigger picture.

This is a fast read that will leave you searching for answers within yourself.
Maybe it will inspire a few people to take a plunge into the unknown territory !

My rating: 3.5/5

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