Falling For Sarah by Cate Beauman

Falling For Sarah was supposed to a be a breezy romance but I was glad it offerred a lot more in the mystery section too. The one thing I will always remember this book is for the way it describes friendships - as dear as families and as sincere as it can be. While reading about Ethan and Sarah in the first few chapters , together with Hunter , I realized how blessed are people with good friends in their life. If you have such friends and loyal people around you, you will apprecuate this book a little more.

Also, the progression ( or vice versa ) of Ethan's relationship with Sarah is a little awkward at times and seems forced too but the mysterious stalker keeps things interesting. Sarah is shown as a very strong and genuine person who loves her daughter , her friends and her job. She is the kind of real woman you dream to be. No wonder she catches the fancy of the twisted stalker killer. It is now upto Ethan and his friends-team to keep everyone around Sarah safe and catch the killer.

The writing is simple and engaging from the beginning to the end. The flow is good and the book is a breezy read indeed most part of it. I did not like the explicit sex scenes though but that is a personal choice. The sex is not forced or faked up for the sake of story but actually takes it forward , I just would have liked it a little toned down.

Overall I enjoyed the book. it was a good break from the usual heavy stuff I had on my book shelf.

My rating : 3.5/5 

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