The Forgotten Daughter by Renita D'Silva

The very first page of this book, and I was hooked to the writing. I simply loved the way the author gives importance to details - of people , places, emotions and specially memories. The book starts with introducing Nisha whose list tells ys , thisnis how she copes up with tough times - facts , lists , logic. She has lost her parents and while she is still not on terms with that, a letter from her mother tells her that she is adopted. This is the beginning if the change in not just her life but also in her personality.

Next we are introduced to the mother daughter duo - Shilpa and Devi. Shilpa lies in the hospital , which gives Devi the time and reason to open up and tell her true feelings to her mother, while reading from Shilpa's diary about her life.

Words , not people are tellin this story to us in between the poetry inducing proses and descriptions of slices of life. Such amazing writing that I was tempted to slow down and cherish this story , this book a bit longer. This is a story of how these three ladies are linked and how life takes turn that look bad , but Simetimes do turn out for the best. This is story of faith , love , sacrifices and missed moments - that we wish we could go back and change what we said or did. But well, it has happened and it guides our future. It is a emotional journey that keeps you engaged with the mystery and its beauty of connecting across ages and geographies.

This book is so amazing that I am still turning some pages and enjoying the words.

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