The house that BJ built by Anuja Chauhan

I have not read Anuja’s any book before this but I had heard great reviews for them. Not to forget that my mother likes the show based on Thakur girls , so I was overjoyed when I got a chance to review “the house that BJ built”. First thing that I realized when I started reading the book was that people are people. There is no rich / classy / poor / crass kind of attitude. We all are just human having a hell lot of qualities which are too hard to explain. Though this is the story of Bonu ( Bonita ) and Samar ( her step cousin ) , the generation after The Pricey Thakur girls ; I got a good amount of background story and character analysis on the sisters and the Thakur clan as a whole. The story set up in Delhi has all the necessary ingredients of a well-crafted story with strong characters , the cunning relatives and the human greed that has made blood thinner than water. Plus the plotting by powerful agencies like builders , self declared mafia and likes. 

The book also touches upon the dramas and entertainment of a family that has people from different backgrounds and how their current situations shape their mindsets. There was a particular scene where Bonu’s uncle wonders about ignoring her while trying to save the world through his news channel. That is exactly how I feel about a lot of people who are fighting for bigger causes. We somewhere ignore and forget the people who are closer to us and who need our love just the same.  I could feel Bonu’s loneliness , her strength , her will power and anger all perfectly well in the story that picks pace with the grandfather BJ’s death and his brother filing a case for the eviction of the house where Bonu and his aunts had once spent their childhood. Following Bonu’s and Samar’s adventures through Mumbai and Delhi , Anuja has created a wonderful book that doesn’t let you stop reading without a tiny bit of irritation. The characters are somewhat very real and I found identifying in them a few friends I know. 

 I now want to read the first Thakur girls novel soon since I loved this one a lot. 

My rating : 5/5

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