The Case Files of P.I. Pojo - The Killing of Mr Heathcote by Meghna Singhee

Something smells fishy here and I don't mean Mr H's uneaten dinner. Meet Pojo Pande, aspiring private eye prowling the corridors of Heathcote International with a ready ear for eavesdropping and a nose for intrigue. And he's got two sidekicks-Radha Rao, a senior and the latest in a long line of Raos to skirt the school rules and Pops, a pesky junior who insists on being Pojo's protege. Together, they face the toughest case of their career yet-the killing of Mr Heathcote, the beloved school cat. 

Nimue Says : The moment I hear of a mystery book with teens , I think of Hardy boys and famous five ( in the mentioned order ). And for a good time , I am going to suggest Pojo Pande to every kid over the age of 10. I have never been to hostel till I joined college but have read a bit in books about the rules , the pranks and the history of schools that have been there from decades. There is something charming to have generations attend the same school and pass on the legacy. This was one thing about the book that interested me more than the cat as the victim :D

The book is written in a way that every age group can read it and enjoy the mystery. It is always a good thing in any plot to have many things happening that may or may not be significant to the actual crime and how Pojo reaches a clarity here is both exciting and definitely  a work of marvel. The sidekicks - one super senior and one junior make a adorable group together with Pojo who gives the impression of a mysterious and very observant guy. There is a level of cool factor to this character which makes one fall in love with the book a little more. 

I can never praise the book enough. And ask you to read this one this summers for sure ! Pass it to all the book lover kids you know. 

My rating : 5/5

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