Title is Untitled by Santhosh Avvannavar

Title is Untitled
Santhosh Avvannavar,Kundan S,Raghunath Baby Are
November 2014
Review copy sent by author

                    'Title is Untitled',what a weird title for an anthology of ?short stories!,when I received the book for review,this was the first thought which came to my mind.But then,after going through the book,I can confidently say that this is one title which totally does justice to the content and the overall mood of this work.The book,which is more like a socio-political commentary on the present day India,dapples with many socially relevant themes like child marriage,suicides,erectile dysfunction,fake degrees and universities,domestic violence,to name a few.The book treats these themes in a mature and responsible manner at the same time without any kind of literary pretensions.
                    The book has got about a dozen stories,each written in the form of a diary of a real life individual.At the end of each chapter,there is a small note which enlightens the reader about the magnitude and gravity of the issue which has been delt with in the corresponding story.The book definitely has got it's heart in the right place and it's the sincerity and honesty in the writing which makes this book worth a read.
                      Having said that,I must also confess that the book doesn't offer much for those who are lookng for literary merit in it.The writing is plain,language pretty mediocre and the stories often read like first drafts of amateur short film scripts!The occassional typos('scared' becomes 'sacred')  and grammatical errors too take the sheen out of the narrative to an extend.But what makes us overlook all these flaws is the honest,genuine content of the book and the noble intention of the authors to make the society aware of these 'evils' through simple,relatable stories.For a self-published work,the lay out and cover design is decently done.
                     The book has definitely got it's heart in the right place and it's undoubtedly more effective than Aamir Khan's emotionally manipulative,so-called 'social-awareness' programme on T.V.(Satyameva Jayathe) in driving home it's point.Santhosh Avvannavar and co,take a bow,you people have definitely succeeded in what you have attempted!

Verdict- 'Title is Untitled' is a very relevant work.I'm giving it a 3 out of 5.


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