The Last Ten Per cent by TGC Prasad

There are times when you think you know all and what answers can probably a book give you. Then there are times you still read such book hoping that anything good knowing is a lesson for later.
The last 10 percent was an intriguing name for a book. Before starting the book I believed that every company has customer satisfaction on top of its agebda if it has to make money consistently. But what I did not realize was that most ventures would begin with some core values and no matter where the customer comes in picture, it is definitely the last mile that needs everyone to pull up the socks and really go for it. Hence this name of the book that talks about how to achieve customer satisfaction every passing day and how it helped aome of the biggest names be at the position they are.
The book starts with giving examples for both good and bad customer experience and thus teaches by example. It is written in much detailed fashion with enough emphasis on each of the factors being talked about. This might seem a little preachy but remember that repetition often ingrains the lesson in your head and heart.
The book is divided into two main parts - the customer centric culture and second that focuses on leadership and people strategies. Though the first section might interest you only as something to know about customer specific strategies developed and followed by each of the example Brands we read of before. It is heartening to see that it does not take much to please customers but just a little thoughtful ideas from the workers.
The second section is what interested me more. Each of us are either leaders or leader-in-making. We all have been at the position of the front line workers of our company. So it was a good read as to know what you can do to improve, what you are expected to become when you move up the ladder and where does the disconnect happen and how it affects the customer in turn. Be it the service industory or retail shops or manufacturing plants, we all are customers to some and have some customers too. Treat as yoi would like to be treated , is what i learned and taught my team. But perhaps we should learn to treat better than we expect in general. To go that extra mile to make the customers smile and return to us again and again.
I liked this book and even if it was a little difficult to follow and will take me practice, i rate this book 3.5/5

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