Signtist by Arpita Khadria

I am not much fond of game apps on phone or laptop. But there are days when I do not want to read or interact with anyone on social sites while sitting alone in my office or in cab. Many such minutes of mine have seen me go weak and play subway surfer ! And then , I got into puzzles and word games.

Signtist is one such puzzle book that I came across searching for something new to try. It is form of guessing the word based on the assorted letters but the catch is that there are not just the letters of the word but a few extra ones too. Thankfully the order is defined for the sets !!

Sample this :

Here the black dot is the beginning of the Word. Follow the lines and you will see the sequence of words. now based on this , possible options of the alphabets in the words are -


One word of each set has to be chosen so that the completewordcan be formed. The books contain the puzzles that are from same category So you have one clue already. The second clue is behind the puzzle page.

For step by step instructions , check on the back of the book.

What I liked about the books was the size which makes it so easy to carry the books in your bag and also that the puzzle clues become tricky as you progress so the excitement is not dull at any moment.

Having said that , the books need a person to a have a good knowledge of the puzzle category or a good memory. Else , not scoring for a few times consecutively can make you feel a little low.

You can also download the Game app from Android Play Store or Apple store if you do not prefer paper and pen like I did below  :D
Am hooked to the puzzles. Going to order all possible versions for me and my mother who is as fond of such books as me. 

My rating : 4/5

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