She loves me,He loves me not by Zeenat Mahal

There are few stories which are more than about love and romance where you find yourself rooting for both beauty and the beast.  The latest novel by Zeenat is one such story of fate , hopes , persistence and above all the line we sometimes forget when we cross to the darker side.

Zoella has always desired Fardeen from a distance and even when he was engaged to the sophisticated Neha , she kept her dreams alive . This with the dream to make a name for herself and be independent one day. Fardeen , the brother of Zoella's best friend is the one who never got refused for anything , owing to money, looks and charisma equally blessed on him. A cruel twist in Fardeen's life leaves him alone and Zoella gets chosen to fill his life with care and love. The fairy tale that Zoella always wanted is presented to her with all ingredients of turning into a messy affair if she falters just once.

It is amusing to see how relationship dynamics are so weird and yet predictable at some levels.One can beat anyone at his / her own game andit stand true for both love and hate. Love the lovers and hate the haters lot more than they expect ; and you got their attention. But it is extremely hard work and one that needs lot of patience. Do Zoella and Fardeen have the will and patience to keep up the pretenses and let their presumptions make this tale work is what you have to find out.

The story has a realistic lovely setting of a well settled family, loving siblings and some amazing conversations spread all across the book. It is really sweet how Fardeen's family sides with Zoella and treats her with such cares. The book makes you laugh , smile, curse both Zoella and Fardeen and yet feel hopeful for love , for happy ends that they deserve.

Zeenat has turned me into a mush ball with this book and I could not have asked for another feeling this week. I am a fan of Zeenat's brilliant writing and light books.

My rating :4/5

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