Goodbye 2014 : The year end giveaway

It's the season of joys and to bid 2014 goodbye!
It's the time to look back on the books we read and more that we could not.
It's time to spread some gifts and smiles within whatever capacity one can.

Here is the year end giveaway from ALOP for all you readers.

Just tell us ( in no less than 80 words ) , what was your favourite Indian book in year 2014.
Any genre or language , but the publication year should be 2014.

Have fun !
Good luck :)

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  1. I didn't read that many this year, but I enjoyed the Shikhandi and Other Stories They Don't Tell You by Devdutt Pattanaik. It was a bit... different, I guess, a bit shocking and disturbing at times, but I liked the way it presented the topic of queerness, gender and sexuality in array of stories and tales of Hindu Mythology. Stories I didn't know before, from Krisha to Indra and others. Though it certainly is an illuminating book, it left me wanting something… more.

    1. Most of Devdutt's books leave you more curious and open to reading about mythology and its significance. :)

  2. i had the chance to read a lot of indian books this year.I had posted the reviews of most f them here too.It's difficult to pick one.Of the lot,I think,i liked piyush Jha's antisocial network,the most.Nothing great,still it was a good,entertaining read.I enjoyed reading it

  3. actually,this is the first giveaway which i'm winning....thanks a lot admins of alop!


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