Ultra-short Book Review: Love Stories that touched my heart

'Love Stories that touched my heart' is an anthology of (obviously) love stories,edited by Ravinder Singh (and published by Penguin India ,2012) whose 'I too had a love story' was a huge marketing success.This compilation has twenty five stories by mostly first time writers and tries to tell contemporary tales of Love in a realistic and believable way.

The good thing about the book is that it is a simple,breezy read and can be easily done with in a couple of hours.The few ones which stand out are 'Heart Strings' by Roshan Radhakrishnan,'Flirting' (Vinayak N), 'A Love Story In Reverse'(Sujir Pavithra Nayak) and 'May God Bless You,Dear'(Yamini Vijendar).

Though the authors have tried to explore the various shades of love and longing with the recurring themes being senility,alzheimers disease and dementia,it's a pity that none of these 25 writers have touched upon taboo themes like homosexuality /same sex love in their stories.Majority of the stories in this anthology are mediocre and shallow and offers nothing new in terms of content.

On the whole,'Love Stories that touched my heart' ends up as an average compilation,at best! Rating-2.4/5


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