#BookReview : Can you teach a Zebra some Algebra by Debashish Chatterjee

In Can You Teach a Zebra Some Algebra? Debashis writes about the age-old system of education in India. In the current education system, teachers mainly focus on providing knowledge to students instead of focusing on the real subject in hand – the student. Our present day schools churn out students who have minimum working knowledge of everything with no deep knowledge of anything. The author writes about the need for achieving mastery in what we like and are passionate about.

Nimue Says : I got this book about 3 weeks back and looking at the size , I was sure I can finish this book in 5-7 days but it actually took me more than 15 days to finish this. And the reason is that book is not something you can read in few sittings and be done with it. the various chapters , though small have a lot of lesson and inspiration for everyone - teachers , students , managers and any leader. 

One story that I have passed to almost everyone around me is about two teachers who are asked to teach some impossible to teach kids. The better of the two is one who returns without teaching but he learns something from each of the three students. 

This one story has impacted me that I feel the learner in me has been revived after ages. Going through the routines of life , we forget to be curious or aware of things around. And we forget that we are always in the position of being teacher and a student at any moment. This book in all its subtlety is a powerful medium to remind the reader how to mend our ways with students , our children or any one we are responsible to teach. 

I reccomend this book to everyone. The book has its own weak areas but the mrssage it has passed is more important. During the recent discussions with a few of my juniors I found new perspective and lessons to pass on as I was reading this book. And that really is the worth of this book.

My rating : 3.5/5

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