Pyar aur Poetry by Roopa Menon

College beauty Arundhati Basu would rather stick her head in the proverbial oven than host this year’s Founder’s Day event with tongue-tied nerd, Nikhil Menon. Compared to the brilliant but elusive poet, D. G. Beckett, Nikhil is a green toad. 
As Arundhati gets to know him, however, she finds herself oddly drawn to the shy geek, and he, in turn, grows in confidence as he spends more time with her. His hopes for a lasting relationship with Arundhati seemed to be within his reach.

If only she could forget D. G. Beckett!

My views : Have you ever felt love for some one whom you do not know except his writing ? Ever fell for someone whom you perhaps admired for talent without knowing who he really is ? If yes , you will find those memories hitting you back when you read this novella. And then there are people whom you notice not but a chance encounter leaves you in awe !

This is a story of discovering talent in some one you have never bothered to know. A story of a guy finding unique way of overcoming his inhibitions and trying to win over his love.a clash of literary choices and the merits of each. I absolutely liked both the characters in equal proportions. while some where i relate to Nikhil finding it hard to be liked , i also have been like Arundhati when it comes to exploring Indian literature. if Arundhati had ever read a tale like this one , i am sure she would have respected Indian writers ! It was most amusing how Nikhil deals with DG Beckett !

I really liked this fresh take on love in college setting.

This is an e book which you can buy here

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