Interview with Doctor-turned-Author Deepak Kripal

Earlier this week,we chatted with Doctor-turned-Author,Deepak Kripal.He has authored 'The Devil's Tale:An impossible journey',published by Leadstart Publishers.In this candid interview,he tells us about his debut work,future plans,his journey as a writer and his other interests in life.

Can you tell us something about yourself?

Well, that is quite a difficult question! Let me put it like this. I am a doctor by profession, one who realized that writing goes much beyond prescriptions.

              You are a doctor by profession. From Robin Cook to Anirban Bose, we have had quite a number of doctors- turned- authors. Instead of choosing a 'safe genre' like a medical thriller or a desi romance novel, what made you pen this rather weird tale about animals and their struggle for existence?

You couldn’t have phrased it well by calling it ‘weird’! Well, the honest answer to it would be that I didn’t get the chance to choose. That is because this project was not planned in any way; it just happened. I would have written my debut novel at least 5 years down the lane as far as my plan was concerned. But when the idea of this story happened to me, I had to pen it down. And I quite liked the term you used in the question, ‘safe genre’!

·        These days there are many desi authors writing in English. What do you think is your biggest USP when compared to your contemporaries?

My USP will always be my stories. I want to tell some stories which may not be ‘safe’ but will be different. I want to take the reader to the places and situations he has never been to. I am somebody who was brought up with a lot of bedtime stories. So I was always hungry for some exciting and never heard stories. Now, I plan to quench my hunger by creating some of them.

·       Leadstart has published many best sellers like 'Asura-the tale of the vanquished'. Can you tell us briefly about your experience with your publishers, Leadstart group?

Leadstart has been quite supportive to me. It has guided me through the entire process, and I never felt like a novice thanks to the warm atmosphere I was put into. I have only good things to say about it. And there is nothing I can say to thank it enough for what it has given me.

·       When do you write and have you ever experienced writer's block?

I have just started my journey, so I guess it’s too early for me to have a writer’s block! I write only when it is pouring out of me naturally. I never force myself to write. I have, at times, tried to write compulsorily, only to realize that it doesn’t happen that way; not with me anyway!

·      Apart from writing, what are your hobbies?

I love to read, travel, watching movies, and cricket of course. But nothing beats spending time with my beautiful friends.

·      Chetan Bhagat, Amitav Ghosh, Salman Rushdie-Who is your favourite among these three Indian writers? Which one do you think is his best work till date?

Well, all the three are unique in their own right. I don’t particularly like to compare different authors, or anybody for that matter. As far as my favourite is concerned, I loved ‘Sea of Poppies’ by Amitav Ghosh.

·    Future plans on the professional front?

As I told you, I want to tell some exciting stories which are not only different but interesting and meaningful also.

·    I know it's a dumb question to ask, but still.....Ten years from now, where do you think you will be? In a multi speciality hospital managing a really busy O.P.D. or in the comforts of your home, sipping a cup of hot coffee typing the chapters of your latest thriller?

Haha, well, it is a dumb question indeed! Let me put it like that. I wouldn’t really mind the comforts of home to start with. A hot cup of coffee is never a bad prospect to anyone, home or away. And regarding typing my latest thriller; oh come on, give it to me!

- (As told to nikhimenon)

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