Anniversary GIVEAWAY

So its that time of the year again.

You know, when we come out with giveaways and stuff.

ALOP celebrates its 3rd anniversary in a week. And that can only mean happiness to spread around. So all you folks get ready to win Flipkart vouchers provided you charm us with your answers.

So here's the situation. Imagine its the end of the world/you're stuck in a desert/you've been locked in your home and there is nothing you can do. No tv, no much needed mobile phones and certainly no humans or pets around. All you have is a book. Naturally, you'll read it before you tear it off and eat the pages to survive, but, lets not go there.

So, my friends, the question is, which book will be your companion? Will it be your favourite book? Or the book that you first read and thus want it to be your only companion at the very end? Or will it be a book that you always thought you'd read but somehow never got to it? Or will it be the one you'd buy with the Flipkart voucher that you hope to win?

Tell us the name of the book and 'why' would that one be your choice?

Simple really. Your answer must have at least 50 words. The more words, the better the feelings.

Email us your answers at

WAIT. That's the easy part. You'll also have to fill the Rafflecopter giveaway form/box below.

For those of you who're new to Rafflecopter, you just need to read the instructions, do as required and then click on "ENTER". If you do click on "ENTER", without actually doing what's required, alarm bells ring at your ultra secret HQ and you make it to your favourite "REJECTED" list.

Guys, we DO want to give out these vouchers. The least you can do is take part properly.

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