Impulse : Short stories by Reekrit Serai

Love is the most common of human affections. Yet, when it comes to love, nothing is as it seems. In modern Delhi, a young man woos a girl from Chandigarh who is totally out of his league, and a college girls life changes dramatically after an encounter with a classmate. In love, people can become objects of infatuation, or means to happiness, such as a partner who's immortalised in her husbands photo album, and two entirely different people who are more than friends, but less than lovers.

In these short stories, Reekrit Serai touches upon subjects that shape our urban lives, such as an entrepreneurs ambition, an interns unconfessed affection for his boss, the realisation of the hardships of being a parent by an impatient son, and the suffering and death caused by communalism.

With humour and subtlety, Serai introduces us to a very new India, where love and happiness go hand-in-hand with hardship and chaos

I have always been a fan of short stories for the very reason that they inspire different emotions within the same number of pages like a usual novel. When I received this book , I was intrigued by the back cover description but , the book left me with mixed feelings and contradicting reactions. I will here tell you why. 

Most of the stories have a fresh plot , even if predictable ; they mostly had a charm that made me smile at times. 

Just friends , are we ? was as sweet as any story could be. The opening of my true love , sridevi made me miss that kind of young love , so nostalgic as I read it. 

Sumitra was equal parts jealousy and tragedy. Cry of success , though tragic  is one of the best written story of the book for me.

Page of life was kind of personal for the reason I love writing my emotions always. Though it could have been better , the message sure hit home.

anything but love , the last story in the book is sort of perfect closure to the book for me. It is a tale where many of us would think of special friends in our life , the nameless relations that we make and live.

There are few other stories worth mentioning but the trouble with this book is that these stories come after one third of the book is over. The opening story of the book is a copy of a famous story / email forward that I have read many times. More than that , the stories in the beginning lack any impactful ending or engaging narrative. Where a book has only first 20-30 pages to win or lose a reader , this book seemed losing to me. Some of the stories very plain. I was in half mind to stop reading the book , which thankfully I did not. 

In my opinion, the order of stories should be reshuffled a bit to let the reader chance upon the good ones early.

Overall Rating : 3/5

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