Advantage Love by Madhuri Banerjee

Let me sum this book for you in a short way. A story on Love, Denial, Chance Encounters, Physical Attractions, Long Distance relationships, Self discovery, Second chances. "Advantage Love" by Madhuri Banerjee has every ingredient which is required to spice up a good quick romance novel.

One often expects a captivating fast read when all these elements are stirred together into a 191 page book. Did the result disappoint me? No. I would rather say that its the kind of book which I enjoyed reading in a coffee shop where light music accompanied the coffee in my hand and a book in the other.

Trisha leaves lucknow with dream in her eyes and reaches Delhi where she meets a politician's son Vedant, and after a few chapters of initial fire, sparks rise and love blossoms. But of course a book would not stop at that point. The politicians son rejects her and she goes on her self discovery path where she joins UNICEF and meets a tennis star Abhimanyu, who is close friend with Leander Paes. Love blossoms again between Trisha and Abhimanyu who is what Vedant could never have been. Old love comes calling again and this time Trisha should choose, Vedant or Abhimanyu? An old love with a second chance or the blossoming perfect love in an imperfect world?

The concept of this book has been tried and tested many number of times by the writers of this genre but what stands out in this book is the splendid writing with which each and every page has come out. The writing never gets dull and I kept reading for a long time without any break as I was trying to finish the book in one read. The characters are likeable and are not constantly crying for attention. A few plot holes can be neglected and we have a book that is ready to be your companion for some time.

A few decisions we make can change our lives. And after finishing this book one would definitely have a smile on his/her face while they nod in acceptance of the beauty of this book.

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