HOP: Scrotum Scrolls by Kartik Iyengar

Since with this book and because of A Lot of Pages, I become a bona fide reviewer, I will be reviewing this novel a little differently than the ones I have already did for website.

About the Author: This is Kartik Iyengar’s second book in the series of HOP (HORN OK PLEASE) and he is an avid traveler which can be seen through the book he has written and the places he has written about. He doesn’t write books but Blooks.

About The Book: This is the sequel to his first book of HOP series and describes the adventures or misadventures of Chief Redbull, Derek, Goose, Hound and their SUV, Motor mouth. The book is about two alien races, one the Scrotum Heads who want to save the earth and evil Helga who wants to wipe the humanity from the face of the earth. It is upto these four and their SUV to save the world. In doing so, they will find their destinies, which is entwined with their ability to save humanity before 21st December 2012. Will they save the world? Will they find their destiny? These are the questions which will be answered either in the epilogue or so Chief Redbull says.

My Review:
I have not read the first book but most of the characters and the back stories were explained. There are essentially four main characters and the story revolves around them, so you don’t find too much of confusion with the story. It is the run of mill, save the earth story from aliens but the only difference is that only Indians and that too “MORONS” can save the world. This become was a welcome break from all the sappy romances that we read today.

HOP is one novel that takes some time to build a rapport with the readers but once you are into it, there is no escaping. I liked the fact that there was no romance or female presence in the novel. It is about friendship and it stayed there. The narration is done in first person and in the voice of Chief Redbull and it hinder sometimes to understand why a certain character behaves other than the Chief but other than that the book or the blook is a fun ride.

There are secret codes, objects to find and places to travel. There is so much going in the book but it is all explained and told in a way that I never once felt that it was a mess or had trouble understanding what is going on. Although I might have gone without all the slang but then the title in itself is well, a word that is not for polite company or said out loud, regardless the book charmed me in finishing it and waiting for the next book. Read the book for its innovative writing, Indians saving the world and a lesson in astrology. Kartik Iyengar gives you a taste for the extra-terrestrial with the Indian Masala.

P.S. Both about the author and about the book have been written by me. It’s my perception of both the author and the book.

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