The Oath of Vayuputras by Amish Tripathi


Shiva is gathering his forces. He reaches the Naga capital, Panchavati, and Evil is finally revealed. The Neelkanth prepares for a holy war against his true enemy, a man whose name instils dread in the fiercest of warriors. 

India convulses under the onslaught of a series of brutal battles. It's a war for the very soul of the nation. Many will die. But Shiva must not fail, no matter what the cost. In his desperation, he reaches out to the ones who have never offered any help to him: the Vayuputras. 

Will he succeed? And what will be the real cost of battling Evil? To India? And to Shiva's soul? 

When I read the first book of the triology , I was impressed not just with the writing and plot , but more so by the very fact that God's story was presented in such fictionalized way. No wonder , I loved the book. Book#2 was gifted to me by my roomie on birthday and it was a wonderful read too. The book#3 came after a wait of about 15 months. When one has to wait so much for a book, you can imagine the expectations from the book. In some ways, I think this book suffered ( If at all it will ) from expectation of readers like me.

The biggest drawback of the book is that the "evil" is revealed to the reader quite early in the book. After that , even the people protecting this evil and the person guiding them too become known. After that , you know that soon the war would be inevitable. And so begins the armies' movements , division of loyalties, test of character and patience of one and all involved. 

I will not discredit the book this soon though. The writing is fluent and one can read non-stop provided you are totally free. But I was not enthusiastic as such to finish it.   There are certain part of the story that are more brilliant than the rest , but those are bit apart. The consistent perfection in the first book is missing. The war techniques and the description of those are written good but I am not the kind to enjoy them if they are too many.  I loved Sati the most in this book. Shiva being the God , the angry God as we know it is justified but I do not accept the climax.  Ganesha and Kali were good but Kartik ?? That kid has more coverage than most people.

And should I mention that Amish hints on writing again , another story on Mahabharata ??

I dunno why the book so much feels like written too long and there are parts that certainly are not necessary. And lastly , why this title ?? Vayuputras did not even take part in the war directly. 

This book was kind of let down for me.

Rating : 3/5


  1. Hmm. Even my friend, who preordered the book, felt the same. I guess Amish hurried through the third book in anticipation of his next series maybe...

  2. not sure. He took 15 months. And I know that must have been the reason for so manty different tales in the book but it doesnt all add up.

  3. So THAT's what all this is all about...I see people who can barely name one book other than our textbooks excitedly gabbling about the Shiva trilogy.
    But it's definitely good for Indian authors in general for sure.More attention!:)


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