Kiss the girls by James patterson

In Los Angeles, a reporter investigating a series of murders is killed. In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a beautiful medical intern suddenly disappears. Washington D.C.'s Alex Cross is back to solve the most baffling and terrifying murder case ever. Two clever pattern killers are collaborating, cooperating, competing—and they are working coast to coast.

This was the first James Patterson novel that I read ( and that too after keeping this book for 3 months on the bedside table ). This happens to be second Alex Cross novel and let me tell you right away , IT WAS AWESOME !!

The novel opens to introduce the reader to the three main characters of the book - making of Casanova , first murder by Gentleman Caller and Alex Cross. You get to know quite early what kind of man Alex is - a detective psychologist who loves to play with his kids , is good at playing piano for relaxation and when faced with a problem , he doesn't think twice before getting involved.
It touched me when he cries on death of a young patient.

And then he comes to know of disappearance of his niece Naomi from - the star of Cross family (apart from Alex) , the one person everyone loves is missing from last four days and the North Carolina police is not letting out any information.

when Alex goes there to find Naomi , little does he know he is going to be involved in a a chase for Casanova - the ultimate lover and collector of women. Between FBI and local police , Alex has to find his own clues and chase the guy who commits "perfect crimes". During his investigation he comes to know about the serial killer in LA who calls himself "gentleman Caller" and is sending details of all his crimes to a reporter so it could be made into a book. when the reporter is murdered leaving behind a name , Alex is called in by FBI to ascertain if he is a different person from Casanova or are these perfect crimes by same person in 2 different areas. 

What kept me glued to the book was that the author did not reveal Casanova till the very end , though you know he is one of the people you have come across while reading the book. Alex knows and feels that he has met Casanova but he can not find him till he reveals himself. The chase , the psycho - analysis of both the criminals and the way author links them together is absolutely superb. 

You want to know the criminal but you also would wish the novel not to end. The writing is almost poetic and crisp. There is never a dull moment as the chapters alternate between the three main guys plus all the twists and frustrating wait for the killer to make a mistake while he keeps hurting the women as he pleases. 

I so much want to read more Alex Cross books now!
Some one please find me e books !!

Rating : 5/5

Also , there is a movie adaptation of the book Starring Morgan FreemanAshley Judd and Cary Elwes


  1. Sounds very much like an early 90s noir flick.

  2. you got it ! I read they made changes in movie. but still want to see it only for Freeman

  3. :) I LOVE Alex Cross (especially when Morgan Freeman played it on screen)... I can't believe a book lover like you has gone on so long missing Alex Cross... Catch up on the series girl - you wont regret it! Larger than life at times and lots of gruesome details!

  4. you make me go out and buy ALL the books right away !!
    this means daryaganj trip should happen soon.

  5. James Patterson I have heard of before...quite a lot.
    And he definitely sounds good...and detective psychologist characters are always awesome!:)
    Casanova huh...some guy he sounds like."collector of women"...really??!

    Nice one Nim!:)

  6. I love Alex Cross. Although he reminds me a bit of Patrick Jayne from The Mentalist. No, not his character, but something about the circumstances. I think I've read 6 Alex Cross novels. You should read his first case, "Along Came A Spider"


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