Meeting the LORD Himself - Jeffrey Archer !!!

Before I begin this one, I must must must thank Ravi Subramanian. What I experienced that day was all because of him, so it would be unfair if I begin the post without thanking him. He doesn't need any introduction. His latest book The Bankster is already topping the best sellers list.

And Jeffrey Archer needs no introduction. If you don't know him, I feel sad for you. He is THE best story teller according to me and I have grown up reading his books. Kane and Abel was the first book by him that I had read and trust me the book is still fresh in my mind.

Jeffrey Archer and Ravi Subramanian Photo Credits : Ravi Subramanian's Facebook Page
Jeffrey Archer and Ravi Subramanian                               Photo Credits : Ravi Subramanian's Facebook Page
Jeffrey Archer and Ravi Subramanian we going to be in a single event at Jaipur and when I got to know about it, I was like there is no way, I am going to miss this one. But circumstances weren't favourable and then I decided to give it a miss. It was only because of Ravi, I could attend the event and the memories are forever etched on my mind. The arrangements he made for me were overwhelming. Who would have thought that I would get to see and hear Jeffrey Archer from the first row and that too in such a huge gathering. I couldn't even imagine about it but it was true.
I can quote each and every thing Jeffrey said during the event. Such a charmer he is. He talks as if he is telling a story. Shared many anecdotes and the way he narrated everything, I just kept on swooning and clapping throughout the event.

A lot of people asked him, how to write a good story? How to write a book? Can he train them in writing or all sorts of questions. He answered everything and was at his wittiest best. He told everyone, if you wish to write a book, GO OUT and do it. Why do you need inspiration, training or any sort of guidance. He didn't require any. He just started writing and look where he is today. He has sold over 30 million copies of his books and it is said that in every 5 seconds, a Jeffrey Archer book gets sold somewhere in the world.

He also read a story at the event, Death Speaks, which was the first story I had read in his book To Cut A Long Story Short.

Whatever he said was so inspiring, though it took some time for me to made all his words sink in my brain but now they have and trust me I can go on and on and on with this blog post because I have so many things to share but I won't do that.

I must put this here that Jeffrey was highly disgusted with the piracy of books and traffic in India. Both are the matters of huge concern. He always launches his books first in India because once he got to know that, when a book is released in any other part of the world, within 2 days, they were pirated and were being sold on the Indian streets, which is quite true.

The high point of the evening came for me, when I got a chance to get my books signed by him. He patiently signed all the 4 books that I was carrying with me. Here is one of them


And when I asked him if I could shake hands with him, in no time he agreed. It was definitely one of the most memorable moments of my life. I shook hands with Jeffrey, got my books signed, thanked Ravi and left the venue. The whole thing felt like a dream but it was true. I do not have many pictures of the event, but if you wish to have a look at them, you can see them here on Ravi Subrmanian's facebook page. Must say, the event was well managed, Marriot as venue and a huge gathering of people who love Jeffrey Archer, he got a standing ovation at the end of the conversation. He loves India because people are warm and caring and offer selfless love. He was overwhelmed with the kind of love and appreciation that he has got from his fans in India.

I am eagerly waiting for his next book from The Clifton Chronicles series, Best Kept Secrets which would be out on 14th March 2013 and if you haven't read a Jeffrey Archer book yet, trust me, you are missing out something. Buy a book today and start reading.


  1. awesome!!! I met him in Chennai when he came 2 years ago! He's such a charmer!!

    And yes people, you do need to read him. Kane and Abel, The Prodigal Daughter will still be my favourites.

  2. OMFG!!!!! u guys r sooooo lucky! i envy u! :D

  3. I interviewed him when he was in Bombay. We saw a cricket match together. It was so much fun. :-) He really is something.

  4. You are so lucky, Yatin!! Great post :)
    I missed when he came to kolkata this time... :(
    @FL ...Kane and Abel is an absolute fave of mine...Prodigal Daughter was comparatively not that good...especially if you read it after K&A. I love his short stories.I also love his Sons of Fortune and Paths of Glory.

  5. Thanks Guys !! :)

    And @Vivek : you are so damn lucky !! He is so so so passionate about cricket !!

  6. Feels like a dream! Doesn't it? :D Well, I am happy for ya! :D

    Signed Copy! What a possession!! :D :D

  7. duh ! stop making me jealous. will u !!


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