The Hacker - Stanley Moss

The Hacker dropped in yesterday along with two other books. Being a techie myself, I chose to read this one first and finished it in a single seating. Five hours straight. As the name of the book suggests, it is all about hacking, coding, chaos and too much of drama and thrill and a bit of action too. All and all, a power packed, fast paced corporate thriller, that would keep you on your toes.

The Hacker opens up with a prologue, in which one of the protagonists of the book, Shaitan Vickey, does some mischief in You Ess Of A with other two colleagues under the nose of his mentor. His mentor, Shivani, one of the top bosses at Talsera, an IT company based in Gurgaon, gets mad at him and fires Shaitan Vickey from the job and thats where everything begins. Apart from this main track, a lot of side tracks go on with too many characters and interesting in their own way. The owners of the company involved in every track somehow or the other. A girl trying to get a pick up from her house by telling a lie, a conservative father trying to stop her daughter to marry a guy, a major sorting this out, a doctor cracking jokes and a lot of stuff. All intermingled and making sense towards the end.

Stanley Moss's research about how Indian IT companies operate and function is immense. He has actually studied everything in detail and then has woven a story around everything. There is also a dutch guy involved and how he is dealt with Indians, in a third rated country. The book is witty at times,also it gets confusing at times because too many plots run simultaneously in each chapter hopping from something or the other. I wish, there was some kind of mark which could have separated the different stories in each chapter. But, all and all, The Hacker was a good read. I liked it and if you like corporate thrillers with a lot of India tadka and masala mixed in it. Pick this book up.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Fingerprint
Genre : Fiction, Corporate Thriller
ISBN : 978-81-7234-425-2


  1. this is written by a non-indian??? I need to read this. Damn Yatin, you always get the good books

  2. Heheh, yeah this is written by a non-indian :D


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