The Bottom Line - Sonu V C

I am not much of a fan of self help and philosophy books to be honest. I would not pick a self help book if given a choice, but if a book of this genre comes for review, I never say no to it. Sonu V C got in touch with me through a common friend and asked me if I can read and review his book and in no time I said yes. He gave me a brief about the book over phone and sent the book in a couple of days. 

The Bottom Line, is not a guidebook or it is not going to help you in any way. The book is written to understand the mere existence of your life and "Why" you should do things and "Why" you shouldn't. A lot of self help books tell people how and what about life and various other things but The Bottom Line focuses on "Why" part of things which most of us miss out on pondering over. This is the debut book of the author and Sonu being a novice has focussed on the key points of basic philosophies of life in a short, simple and straight forward way. 

The book is of 104 pages and is divided into 4 sections. My favourite part of the book is section 3 and section 4 namely Practical Line and Bottom Line respectively. People often say that they are practical, they know how things work, they have seen the world, but trust me those who say this, they have no clue what they are talking about. The author has kind of managed to give you an insight about what practicality is all about. 

Section 4 of the book, Bottom Line, is further divided into four parts namely, what is in our control ?, love and forgiveness, strong value system and selfless life. Each of the four sections give you a lot of food for thought. The book has been written keeping in mind that it won't solve your problems related to life. Life is a concept that one cannot understand on the whole but there are tits and bits of it, if you introspect can be resolved and broken down into various small things which can be resolved easily.

Overall, I liked the book. I felt that there could have been more examples to explain things mentioned in the book, but considering the fact that it is author's first book, I would not highlight more things. Give it a shot.

Book Source : Author
Publisher : World Book Company
Genre : Self Help/Philosophy
ISBN : 978-93-82417-19-4 


  1. Not picking this up either because I'm probably sure I'll sleep halfway through it and my review will be a complete injustice to the readers who loved it. Although, one day, i might surprise myself and pick it up. Saving this for a rainy-day list.

  2. How I wish I could digest such books.
    Glad you enjoyed !


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