The Green Room - Wendell Rodricks

When I first got to know that Wendell Rodricks', a fashion designer who is a household name (if people of that house read newspapers) is coming up with a book, I made up my mind that I am surely going to read it. I have always followed news related to the fashion world, not to the T, but yes on and off so I knew who Wendell Rodricks' was and what he was famous for. The book named "The Green Room" with Malaika Arora Khan on its jacket landed up at my house on previous friday and thats when I thought that this is going to be my weekend read. 

The book opens up with a prologue in which models are getting ready in the green room, the backstage manager shouting at the models, and the choreographer of the show is all set to fire instructions so that the show can begin as soon as possible. Amidst all the chaos, the backstage manager keeps shouting that if something goes wrong, Wendell is going to throw a fit, so models should make sure nothing goes wrong. The way prologue has been written instantly had me. Wendell came across as a strikingly good story teller. It was one of the youtube videos that I saw about the book in which Wendell shared that it was a challenge among friends that who can write 60,000 words in two months and Wendell took up the challenge quite seriously and actually began writing. He completed the challenge and later realised that he should add some 60,000 words more to bring this book to life. In the book he shares that Lara Dutta once asked him to write a book because she liked the way he told stories. Wendell has politely thanked her in the book! :) 

The book has some 350 odd pages and 21 chapters and covers each and every aspect of Wendell's life. His family, his ancestors, his education, his friends, his collections, his designs, his assorted works, fashion shows he did, his sexuality, the controversies of the fashion industry, his infinite holidays all over the world, his stints in various parts of the world, his love and passion for Goa, his love for food, numerous friends he made in his life, his love for wine, his discoveries including Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma, controversies around him and his relationship with his partner Jerome, a french man he met in Oman, his pets and people who have worked with him over the years. 

The way this book has been written makes it an absolute page turner. If you have the slightest idea about fashion and fashion industry and popular names of the industry, you would sail through the book quite easily. Wendell is witty and blatantly honest with whatever he has shared in the book. His writing has got the WOW factor. The way he has described everything in the book shows how observant he is with things surrounding him. Also, Wendell praises Shefalee Vasudev, who has written a book Powder Room, which I read and reviewed few days back, for her honest reviews about the fashion shows and the fashion world. I absolutely loved Powder Room as well. 
I would definitely suggest you to read this book once. It gives you a wide insight about the fashion world and how to become somebody from nobody. Wendell has poured his heart out in the book and deserves a place in your book shelf if you enjoy reading autobiographies. 

Publisher : Rain Tree Publishers
Genre : Autobiography
ISBN : 978-81-291-2022-9 


  1. This is one of the most wanted books in my list. I so wanted to read this when book adda came up with it. Now i've to search for this in the stores.

    Loved this review. Wants me to pick it up even more.

  2. Thanks FL. I suggest younto order it from HomeShop18 . Its cheaper there. 416 bucks only.

  3. wow !
    this be the first book i buy in new year !

  4. I loved this book too. I had a different image of Wendell Rodricks but this book has made me his fan, more for the way he lives his life, passionately!

  5. Yes. I completely agree with that.


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