India reads - Online Book rental Library

No , this is not about what and how much our country reads :P

This is about the Online bookstore & library : INDIAreads

I joined this library last week for the sole purpose to save money on buying books ( yes, I can file bankruptcy with my dad if I do not stop )

I would really recommend this library to all ( provided they deliver to your city ) but definitely for NCR & metro cities.

The plans are very decently priced.

I have taken a 2 books per month plan for 6 months. so that is 1200 for 12 books in next 6 months and no late fee ( yes , i used a lot of time and brain on this maths before I picked a plan)

Oh, did I tell you , they have at home delivery and pick up of books.

Yes, they do not have ALL recent books but the library still has enough books that will interest and average reader. Also you can ask for a book if it is not in the list.

Moreover the delivery packaging was really good. Not just 2 books handed to you. The books were wrapped well in a paper bag with your name and address mentioned. Also, since you are bound to tear off and throw the paper bag mostly , they also provided a empty paper bag addressed to INDIAreads in which you can keep the books when returning. I so liked it :D

The site is easy to navigate and the customer care is really friendly.

No, I have not been paid for this post. but, WTH ! I am just trying to help :D

Online or not , I have special love for libraries.


  1. Hmmm....economical, yes. But it does not add to your personal library, does it? Buying books, devouring them and retaining them in your personal library is something that will not just remain for you but for your next generation as well. In that context I would personally prefer the latter. Nevertheless, it is a future concept in the making and your marketing is a noble free service. Thanks for the link anyway. Maybe someday I too might just choose to hit the link :):)

  2. i know sir. Even I prefer to buy and add to my library. but when you know you can not manage to keep books well in the small space you live , one should go for such options.

    + I really need to stop buying books priced around 4-500 ! Rather than waiting for pirated version , I can pick from this library.

  3. :) Agree :) both space and finance is a dilemma in the long run.

  4. Yes, it's pretty cool. I joined them in dec 2010, so am completing 2 yrs and loving every minute of it.

  5. seems a nice concept... i will join soon though i love to buy and keep books :)


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