Frivolous Fridays : The Five Find-Outers and Dog


CREATED BY : Enid Blyton

FIRST SEEN AT : The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage

1. Frederick Algernon Trotteville a.k.a Fatty
2. Philip Hilton a.k.a Pip
3. Elizabeth Hilton a.k.a Bets
4. Laurence Daykin a.k.a Larry
5. Daisy Daykin
and, Buster (the dog)

Remember your childhood?? Before you solved crime with The Hardy Boys or dated Nancy Drew? Remember the time when holidays meant picking up Enid Blyton?

If not for Enid Blyton, I shudder to think of my fate. Enid Blyton gave me joy like no one else when I was growing up. Even the regular dose of Shaktimaan and Power Rangers couldn't satisfy my childhood urge for more and more fun. The Secret Seven were good, The Famous Five were better, but The Five Find-Outers were the creme-de-la-creme.

If you've missed out on this series, I honestly feel sad for you. For those of you, who has spent time with these guys in the village of Peterswood, lets bring back some old wonderful memories.

Frederick, affectionately nicknamed Fatty is the leader of the Five. He's amazing. For a growing up 10 year old me, 15 years ago, he was my hero. Although I resembled the lanky Larry, Fatty was the one I adored. I laughed at his antics, at his ridiculous ventriloquism, at his funny disguises, I always knew that Fatty would save the day.

Don't remember much about Larry and Daisy although I can say that Daisy was the one who came up with the name of the gang. Larry is her elder brother and he was the original leader until Fatty came along. The childlike banter between Larry and Fatty was fun. Poor Larry often ended up being second best.

Philip and Bets are siblings as well. Bets is the youngest of the lot and she simply adores Fatty. And she's always the one who finds the clue when everyone misses out. (although half the time its by accident). Bets is just like my younger sister, although that was more than a few years ago when she was still sweet. My sister I mean. I remember Pip and Elizabeth's parents being very strict. Whereas Fatty's mom was the kindest. 

Now Buster!! Buster has to be the best Scottish Terrier ever! Incredibly smart and loyal, he's the darling of the gang.

Oh how...oh how...could I forget Mr. Goon???? Hahahahaha....the local policeman!!! *laughs for a few more minutes*

Gosh, I can still picture him shouting "CLEAR ORF" .....hahahaha... Fatty and Co. used to make his life a living hell. Poor guy never did get a promotion. How could he, when every single time the Five Find-Outers solved the case before he did. And not to forget Buster attacking his ankles and Mr. Goon's favorite word "GAH". hahahaha. Gosh, I miss these guys.

If you've never read these guys, if you've missed out on them, stop what you're doing right now. Take your mind back to your childhood and read them. You'll want to stay a kid forever.

If your childhood had Harry Potter but not Enid Blyton, you don't know what you missed.


  1. This was the only Enid Blyton work I missed. Yes, you can feel sad for me. :/ I loved the meme and I am gonna pick this up soon. :D

  2. Has any one been better than Fatty at disguises ?
    Oh FL .. thank you so so much for this post.
    Made me smile and grin and < whatever happy signs > :D

    I read Enid Blyton in a row.
    All the books i could find in school library and I guess I will start collecting them again.
    whats a collection without this book ;)

  3. After reading your wonderful wonderful and nostalgic post I am taking it up to re-read these books :)

  4. @MSM Yes, u need to pick this up girl!

    @Nimue hahaha...Fatty is awesome! I remember him fooling Mr. Goon all the time. And then they take the case to Mr. Jenks, the top police honcho because Goon doesnt believe them. lol

    @nightflier :) those were some fun days :)

  5. i loved all the enid blyton books i have ever read, and this was one of them- i read the mystery of the hidden house and i can totally understand why you love the five find outers!

    fatty is so much like this cartoon character i loved- TJ from "recess" that used to come on disney. *sighs*

    i cannot tell you just how very happy i am that we've finally had a discussion about books for children. THANK YOU. :)

  6. such a good book i have all the books and its cool once more enjoying


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