Eighty Days Yellow - Vina Jackson

It feels like, this is an era of Erotica. With 50 shades trilogy still rocking the charts, many people have tried their hands on writing erotica, some went unnoticed and some still trying hard to make a mark. I have read the whole 50 shades trilogy, then another erotica Haven Of Obedience, which I didn't like and now this Eighty Days trilogy by Vina Jackson. The books of the trilogy are named as Eighty Days Yellow, Eighty Days Blue and Eighty Days Red.

Eighty Days Yellow, the first book of the Eighty Days Trilogy opens up with the introduction of Summer Zahova, the protagonist of the book. She is originally from New Zealand but now is residing in London. She is a violinist and that too an extremely talented one, but she is not happy with the relationships that she was in. Darren, her boyfriend is a cold man, too busy with his work and pays least attention to Summer, which forces her to walk out of their relationship. Charlotte, Summer's friend takes her to a fetish club, where she experienced how it feels like to be dominated and during all this, she meet Dominik, in an extremely strange way. Dominik is an english literature professor and a filthy rich man. He doesn't speak much and lives in his own fantasy world.

I must say, Eighty Days Yellow, has a better narration and writing style than the first book of the 50 shades trilogy, 50 shades of grey. There is more story, less sex and that too without lengthy descriptions. The book finishes on a note that would definitely force you to pick up the second book of the series Eighty Days Blue. ( I already have it :D ). Vina Jackson's writing has a style and she knows how to portray emotions and feelings in words. The dialogues and narration doesn't sound gross and when it comes to the erotic parts of the story, it just gets better. All and all, a good attempt and readable. I liked it.

Book Source : Hachette India
Genre : Erotic Fiction
ISBN : 978-1-4091-2774-1


  1. Anything better than the 50 Shades, is a pick up ;) :D On the other note, the shades here: Yellow, Blue and Red are color of BDSM. Sigh. :P

    PS: E-book hai kya? I liked the review, want to try.

  2. Hi MSM,

    I have a hard copy of the book! :)

  3. I guess i would need a general knowledge lesson before i read any erotica :P

    or maybe the book will teach em a few of those ;)

    As much as I want to try erotica novel some day , I can not manage to pick one any time soon.

    Give me a thriller or vampires any day :)


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