Cutting Chai and Maska Pao - Digantika Mitra, Priya Sheth, Mithila Mehta

Mumbai, the business capital of India, the city of dream, a city that never sleeps and the list goes on and on.  I have been to the city once and being a true Delhiwallah at heart, I actually loved Mumbai. Call me a traitor or whatever. It was in the last week of June that I went to Mumbai this year and experienced the city in my own way. Met people both from real and online world, roamed around a lot, walked a lot, took services of taxis and auto rickshaws, lived in a posh area, ate at a roadside stall, I did it all in mere 10 days, the most interesting part of the whole trip was, I blogged the experience daily here at 

Ever since I came back, I couldn't get over Mumbai, I am still not over with the city and eagerly waiting for my next trip. I have been reading about the city and things to do there from quite some time now. Cutting chai and maska pao happened to me while I was surfing Harper Collins website and thought, I must give it a shot and I got it yesterday. I thought, I would skip reviewing this book on ALOP but couldn't resist it. I think, a person who loves Mumbai should definitely give this book a read. 

Cutting Chai and Maska Pao is an intelligent and interesting take on the city. It is a small book with 100 pages and somehow perfectly sums up the entire city with colourful pictures and sharp observations with witty writeups. The writers of the book, the three gorgeous ladies, took a project quite seriously and it turned out to be a beautiful little handbook. 

The authors of the book have picked up approx 65 words that are famous in Mumbai and have arranged them alphabetically in this book. What makes this book interesting is, the pictures and the information shared about each world. Right from slangs, to the street food and some places, the book has it all that Mumbai can be identified with. 

I am surely taking this book along with me on my next trip to Mumbai. I am going to all the places and trying all that which has been mentioned in this book. Its a sort of bucket list and one must try to tick off each and every thing mentioned in this little handbook with creativity at its best. 

Book Source : Harper Collins
Genre : Non Fiction
ISBN : 978-93-5029-111-5


  1. I've been to Mumbai thrice and I still remember the warmth there, the most. I don't know when I will get there again, but the review and the title brought back many fond memories. :) :D

    Interesting Review

  2. Glad you liked it MSM ! :) Read this book, I feel its a bit overpriced but definitely worth buying. Also, read the travelogue if you have time. Some fond memories in there ! :)

  3. Interesting book :)
    would buy sometime wen i get to visit mumbai again :)


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