Confessions Of A Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

  • Title : 'Confessions Of A Sopaholic'
  • Author : Sophie Kinsella
  • Genre : Chick-lit, Comedy, General Fiction
  • Followed by : Shopaholic Abroad(Shopaholic Takes Manhattan), Shopaholic Ties The Knot, Shopaholic and Sister, Shopaholic and Baby, Mini Shopaholic.
~ Summary ~
Rebecca Bloomwood, or Becky as she likes to be called, is an employee of the finance magazine called 'Successful Saving'.
She's a financial journalist who earns her living by telling others how to sort their finances.
What does she do in her free time? SHOP.

Shopping is her answer to everything. When she's low, she shops. When there's a sale, she shops. When she just sees something pretty, she shops!

One day, she opens her mail only to find her VISA bill a staggering amount of 949 pounds!

She tries earning more, she tries spending less, but she gets caught up in the web of lies she's had to concoct.
Can Becky get herself out of this mess, self respect intact?

~ Excerpt ~

"That moment, that instant when your fingers curl round the handles of a shiny, uncreased bag—and all the gorgeous new things inside it become yours. What’s it like? It’s like going hungry for days, then cramming your mouth full of warm buttered toast. It’s like waking up and realizing it’s the weekend. It’s like the better moments of sex. Everything else is blocked out of your mind. It’s pure, selfish pleasure. I walk slowly out of the shop, still in a haze of delight. I’ve got a Denny and George scarf. I’ve got a Denny and George scarf!"

~ My Review ~

I love chick lits, so this totally was my home ground. I really enjoy reading Sophie Kinsella because she has this very simple, not over the top kind of writing where she doesn't really add unnecessary huge words, but manages to capture the feelings so perfectly!
'Confessions of a Shopaholic' is really an interesting read because once you read the way Becky feels about clothes, and about how buying/wearing them makes her feel, you kind of get why she does what she does.
It is never sermon-y or boring, for even a bit! There's loads of drama, and hilarious encounters because her lies and stories keep blowing up in her face!
The best bit about the book, and the entire series, is the way Becky thinks, honestly. She has this wonderful yet crazy at times, imaginative powers. And that is what just makes this book all that more engaging and exciting!

~ Final Verdict ~

3/5. If you do not like chick lit, then this is probably not the right book for you.
But if you like light, humorous, interesting stuff, then go on and buy it! :D

The paperback version is available on Flipkart for Rs.301 and you can check it out here.
You can also download the pdf ebook here.

['Confessions Of A Shopaholic' is also known as 'The Secret Dreamworld Of A Shopaholic']


  1. I can just survive this in a movie. Sadly I prefer not to read such books ! a good review :)

    Loved the line about waking up to find its weekend ! quite effective metaphors there.

  2. haha. I concur with Nimue. I would rather watch a hot actress play this. Just like Anne Hathaway in the Princess Diaries. There is no way I will be caught dead reading this or hell, owning it.

    I can read YA's. A little, but not a chick lit. Nevertheless, chick lit lovers will absolutely love this series i guess.

  3. "pretty" review, i must say! :D i have read this one, but i didn't really enjoy it- all her mathematical calculations and shopping lists were driving me nuts! :P and the end was kind of weird, if you ask me.

    in spite of that, i was still looking forward to this review bcuz i am a sucker for chick lit! hope to read lots of these reviews by you! :D

  4. This was my first chick lit book and I absolutely loved it! I read all Sophie Kinsella's book after reading Confessions of a Shopaholic. Great review!


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