The Shadow Throne - Aroon Raman

Title: The Shadow Throne
Author: Aroon Raman
Publisher: Pan Macmillan India
ISBN: 978-81-923-9800-6
Genre: Thriller
Pages: 332

Ever since this book came into my notice, I wanted to read it. The title was intriguing and the cover of the book also appealed me. Finally, I got a chance to lay my hands on this book thanks to Pan Macmillan India team and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. This is the first work of fiction by the author Aroon Raman and he finished writing this book in 6 months which is remarkable.

The book opens up with a murder at Qutub Minar (Instant hit for me). A freelance journalist, Chandrashekhar is called upon by a cop named Syed Ali Hassan. Hassan is one of the key characters of the book and Chandrashekhar is the protagonist. When Chandrashekhar visits Qutub Minar to see what has happened there, and thats where the series of unexpected events and horrible things come into the picture. Also Meenakshi, Chandrashekhar's wife's friend comes is roped in by Chandrashekhar, as she is a historian and has an interesting part to play in the plot. The whole plot revolves around a nuclear armageddon planned by a set of people who want nothing but destroy the prevailing peace among the countries.

The Shadow Throne is an absolute page turner. I wanted to finish reading this one in a single seating but couldn't do it thanks to all the daily chores and unwanted things that turned up. Aroon Raman's writing and vocabulary is something to watch out for. I had to use dictionary a lot of times, which is good for me. My dictionary has definitely got some new words, thanks to the book. Also, I would like to mention here, the way author has explained the geographical features of Afghanistan. I dont know, but it felt like Aroon himself have visited the place quite a few times.

 You would definitely love The Shadow Throne, if you enjoy fast paced thrillers with subtle logic and not too many characters. Divided over 26 chapters and 332 pages, the book has a potential to make it to the best sellers list.
(Review asked by Pan Macmillan)

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