Fifty Shades of Grey- E.L James


There are some books which become viral not because of their content but because of the sheer curosity attached with it. When I found more and more females in the ladies compartment with this book and more college buddies reading it on their smartphones, I decided to give this book a fair chance and look what the hoopla is about.

The book starts with a 22 year old, about to graduate, Anastasia Steele describing her life at college and her room mate Katherine. Katherine works with the campus magazine and due to her falling sick, Ana volunteers to help with the interview of the young, successful entrepreneur -Christian Grey.
Ana, as described by herself, is clumsy, not-so-good looking and ends up getting nervous in front of the very charismatic and jaw dropping handsome. She returns feeling that the interview didn't go well.
The next few days, Christian repeatedly meets her under some pretext or the other until finally revealing that he desires her. Only not as his girlfriend .. as his submissive.
Ana is so mesmerized with Christian that she is ready to give BDSM a try, which she learns is bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism .

The book from this part is erotica. Every two pages there will be sex between Ana and Grey and rest of the portion Christian will be darkening his eyes and Ana will feel her muscles below the waist tightening :P
Yes the book is full of such lines which get repetitive. Initially Ana is a novice with no idea what Christian's world consists of. Christian wants her to sign a three month contract whereby she will spend the weekends with him and will have to adhere to the terms of the contract (which is pages and pages of conducts :P) Ana, although still mad in love to think rationally, is confused about her feelings about the contract. A part of her likes the kinky world Christian introduced her to but is afraid to endure the pain that comes with the package or what Christian says is just her imagination. 
Christian Grey as he himself proclaims is "fifty shades fucked up". A complex character built by a disturbing past, adoption into a perfect family and being a submissive once himself! Although domineering in many cases, Ana strikes a chord with the lost boy who doesn't like to be touched at some places of his body. The contract gives way to "more" and it gets darker from there. 

The author is said to be inspired from Twilight and it is very evident from the book. Anastasia bears striking resemblance to Bella Swan. She has low self worth, clumsy, been a born adult, has a mother who has made mistakes in her 3 marriages, does not like to be given expensive gifts and many more. Christian  seems to read her mind ( Something which Edward couldn't do with Bella :D :D ) , is stinking rich,a personality which makes woman gape, with a supportive family and a very chirpy sister who reminds you of Alice from Twilight! 

Some of the original parts of the book like the smart talks between Ana and Christian and their email correspondences bring a smile on your face. Perhaps that's the only part you will forward to, once the novelty wears off! :D 

Give it a read if you can bear to read so much of kinky stuff ( I honestly rushed through the frequent ones which had  no link with the events happening :P ).
 I wonder if they said " Women are too classy to watch porn but will read the fuck out of it " after this book :P IT gets too much even for a patient reader like me :P 

Rating- 1.5 /5

P.S- Like I promised, 14th september :D The next 2 parts will be written about soon.. Yes, I m already done with them..

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