Name- Twisted tales , HORROR STORIES
Author- Michael Cox
Genre- Novel/Fiction
Riya’s Speak-
Vampires! Zombies! Dracula! Werewolves! Mad Scientists! And Human Beasts!
Well, you want to see them everywhere! If you are a Fear Fan! Those Scary evil faces …to something crawling under your bed…… they Just don’t seem to STOP!
To all the Readers, Welcome to the GHOST WORLD! And believe me, if you are one, then This is Horror at its Best!
This Book has World’s all Famous and some Infamous horror stories retold, yes with a Difference. And they are Back with a Bang! When Zombies Walked …. And Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – well, tops the List! With all sorts of fun doo and terrifying things- this book is a Must Have for all Horror Fans.
Yes, the stories are perfectly written with- a well to attract-: comic-style , dialogue among the scary characters , some terrifying sounds and even some Mind- Boggling Exercises!
Twisted Tales, is a perfect Blend of terror and Imaginative Horror. I’d say- If you are scary- pary kid – better read some cuddly romance stories the next time. OK! And if you dare……. Get ready to get on some real Horrible Stuff!
Excerpt- YEAH! REAL GOOOOOD BABY! The care, that go with constantly having to be decent and respectable …were suddenly Gone! To be honest…. I felt sort of well, er…. Wicked! YEAH…….WELL WICKED- to look into the mirror, I did not recognize myself! I was no longer…ME? BABY! I WAS OUTTA SIGHT! HA HA! …….. Next to me, the stinkiest ever would have smelt like roses! Yes! I had become ANOTHER Person! An utterly ugly and repulsive creature. But did I care? Of course I didn’t ! become now, I could be BAAAD! OH YEAH! SOOOO BAAAAAD! OOH! OOOH! OOOH! Was I excited…? YEH! YEH! HEH HEH HEH…. Excuse me , another drink, I think. SLURP SLURP.
Synopsis- Ten of the most THRILLING horror stories are retold…with a twist! With stories like- Dracula, the hound of Baskervilles, Frankenstein…..and yes, my personal favourite- Single Man with his 2 sides – the OH SO GOOD! nd even to his…OH! THE BAAAD! SOOO BAAAD! HA HA! With many such horrible and different horror stories…retold with many effects and even DIALOGUES! HAHA! Gives you all the reasons – the GOOD as well as…. the BAAD to grab one! Ha Ha Ha!

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