Westmore - Carol Cassada

AUTHOR: Carol Cassada

PUBLISHED ON: 11 April 2011

ISBN: 1461025508
GENRE: Family drama/ romance
PAGES: 390 (paperback) 

Set in fictional New England town, Westmore, the story follows the lives of three families; The Greens, the Braxtons, and the Reynolds. While Charlotte Green never thought she could find love again after her husband dies, Peter Green puts his mother in a dilemma when he returns home with his new girlfriend, who's ten years older than him. Scott and Alicia Green are singing siblings struggling to make it big while juggling their love lives, day jobs and worrying about their mother's ability to cope with grief. Andrew Braxton is a ruthless and powerful businessman who runs his household the same way he runs his company, with an iron fist, little realizing that he has lost the respect and love of his wife and children. Laura Reynolds and her daughter Megan move back home with her father, where she plans to start life anew, but little does she know that it's not easy to escape her past. Marie Braxton contemplates her loveless marriage when a surprise pregnancy jolts her world.

"All day and night she 
would cry her heart out, causing 
stress to her body. Finally, her 
children stepped up to the plate and 
got her out of her trance like state. 
They convinced her, this isn't what 
daddy would've wanted. He wouldn't 
want her to mope around all day, 
he'd want her to go out and enjoy 
life. Although she didn't want to 
admit it, she knew they were right, 
knowing Michael he'd be fussing at 
her behavior. Instead of staying 
home, wallowing in self-pity day-8 
after-day, she finally got out and did 
something with her life. She owned a 
successful business with her best 
friend, and her kids, although all 
grown and had lives of their own, 
still made time for their dear old 
Although she was doing 
better and had moved on with her 
life, deep down she still missed 

PeeVee SPEAK: 
Westmore is one of those books that I ploughed right through once I got started because of the simple fact that it warrants only that much attention and time. The language is simple, the plot is too. One can possibly get lost somewhere in the beginning for more characters keep appearing but everything settles after the first hundred odd pages. It's just another story of families, love, controlling patriarchs and clashes. Nothing more, nothing less.
Surprises kept popping up even in the last chapters making me to wonder how the author plans on wrapping everything up in the last fifteen pages. Turns out, she doesn't. The end leaves the story hanging with none of the threads tied, loose ends flying around like stray clothes in a storm. No closure, none whatsoever.
From a Google search, I find that there is a part II, let's see if it can make the experience better. For now, the book strictly meant for times when you're in bed with chicken pox and have absolutely nothing else to read.

RATING: 2.5 on 5
PRICE: $15.50/ Rs. 750 (approx.) on Amazon


  1. oh,no!! the cover n synopsis look so tempting, i thought it would be a good read! Guess not. :(
    BTW, d last line of ur review was hilarious- "chicken pox".. HAHAHA. :D

  2. Oh by all means, go ahead, if you like family dramas :)

  3. romance dramas are so not my cup of tea


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