Of Winners, Updates and More

A year has gone, but A Lot of Pages has just started.

2012 will bring many many wonderful surprises and hopefully many more people start to flock here.

Oh yes! Announcement time!

The Giveaway has finally ended! And as you know, this time there are 3 winners!!!

So, congratulations

1. Hemish Purushottam
2. Swarnali Das
3. Maithili Bhatnagar

Winners send a mail to alotofpages@gmail.com with the book of your choice, your postal address and contact number. ASAP

Start your new year with books! Oh How i wish I could crawl inside one such story and be a dashing dragon rider. Or even a thief. A dashing thief mind you!

[I had 2 other names...but after cross checking I found that they clicked on 'done' without actually filling the entry. I just hope they didn't think it was a shortcut and I wouldn't double-check!]


When the month started, I thought this was going to be close one between UCV and NIMUE. And then came Arpita, guns blazing, delivery one awesome review after another!!

10 reviews!! 10 reviews by her! Kudos girl. You make me proud!
[pssst...FREELANCER still leads with 14 reviews in a month :D]

So Arpita wins a novel from us. And no, this time I'm not gonna tell the name. I don't want her to twist my ear and change the prize like Nimue did :P :P


The Mixed Variety Reading Challenge 2011 is officially over! That was fun until Arpita (yet again) whizzed past me and Nimue to be the only one to finish the challenge.

Shame on you guys!! Atleast you could have tried!

Anyway, moving on, a new Reading Challenge is up from January 1 to April 30, 2012. Check out the CHALLENGES page and start reading!


With the new year, I promised we will grow bigger. Oh well, my promises are tall claims most of the time. But nevertheless, 1 page ais up under Contact Us section.... the much awaited "Share-a-Book" initiation by NIMUE is finally underway. You know where to check!

Author Interviews will be up soon within a month and Nichola Marsh, author of "Busted in Bollywood", promised me an interview :D


Giveaway winners, do VISIT this place even when there are no giveaways :D

Friends, bring more people in. This is a fun place, is it not???

(somebody say AMEN)


  1. I won?? Seriously?? Yay!! This is a great start to the new year. Mailing you the details :D

  2. many congratulations, swarnali, and to all the winners! :D n i got the girl with the dragon tattoo for Christmas ;) anyway, i'm DYING to know what ur sending me FL, it's so not fair that ur making me wait!! it had better be good, u know my choice ;) thanks for the lovely words of praise, this really is the perfect start of something new. btw, i love the picture! <3 n just so that u knw, i can beat ur record,dude. just u wait. ;)

  3. Oiii a big congrats to all the winners..u lucky lot , I never win a thing.. Fl' this is bad :P .. hehe anyway start the new year with more books :D

    Wishing you guys an amazing naya saal..enjoy :)

  4. AMEN (this was specially for u FL) and a happy new year to all! :D

  5. Congrats to the other two :D
    Thanks for the giveaway and
    A very Happy new year to all :)

  6. Ooooooooiiiiii Arpita!!! :D :D Congrats congrats!! <3 Happy new year!!! *Bear Hugs*

    AMEN for you FL. :D

  7. wow I won I won!! Congrats to Swarnali and Hemish.. Arpita you totally rock girl!! Congrats to you!!

    @Fl : thank you soo much :) You made my new year :) And yes I m reading already :)

  8. congrats all !!
    specially Arpita !

    and i so much liked the new challenge !!

    this place gonna be great this year and the next and next dear :)

  9. Cant believe my luck!! Not a bad way to start year 2012 :D Congrats all!


  10. Congrats to the giveaway winners! And to Arpita! :)
    The new challenge is really interesting!


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