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A new page is up under Browse By section. "Its called Books Reviewed So Far"..
With so many of you finding it hard to check on a book whether if its reviewed or not and not knowing which genre to search for, hopefully, this page will make things much easier.

Though I admit, it was one pain in the ass to gather every page into one.

Also, I won't be getting rid of the genre pages. I love them too much..but i did delete a few pages so that it doesn't confuse you lot. I removed the western/drama/humour/adventure/espionage/classic pages. Adventure and Espionage novels will now go into the Thriller section. The rest goes to "everything else" page.

I want you all to link your review in the "Books Reviewed So Far" page as soon as you post a review. The admins really can't do everything. Please please please look how I made that page. I don't want you to link it in such a way that i have to come and correct it again.

For eg, if the book is "The Notebook", it will be placed as "Notebook, The" under the alphabet N.

And again when you place it under a particular alphabet, just don't add it in the bottom. Its alphabetical wise.

Nimue, you are in charge of updating the Author pages, while I will handle the Genre pages.

Again one more request, Please tag your reviews with your name, genre and series if available.

For eg. if the series is "House of Night", tag it as Series - House of Night. If the novel has a character that you know is common in other novels from the same author, make it a series too. Eg. There is no series for Kathy Reichs novels. But Temperance Brennan is the recurring character. So tag any Reichs' novels as Series - Temperance Brennan.


  1. How do we link it in the 'books reviewed'? Only admins have access to that page na..

  2. I guess you are right !

    @FL : i will manage both author and books reviewed page. It would be weekly updated though :)

  3. whaat?? doesn't everyone have access to it?? its next to edit posts button

  4. I know but only admins can access it. Others can only edit their own posts or submit a new post. That button will not be visible to non-admins :/

  5. Yup! No way of adding a reviewed book on that link. The cataloging is nice though.Will certainly make things easier for contributors, though it will mean a lot of work for the admins. Also, now that the books reviewed can be found easily, is the policy of not reviewing a book more than once to be continued? Or are you allowing multiple reviews of a book?

  6. I say yes for multiple reviews !! If you relaly want to say your views, go ahead !

    And as i said before, I will manage the page. FL has a lot of his other pages to fill :P

  7. everything is allowed. everybody has the right to review what they Nimue said, it will give us better views on the subject.


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