Indian Ghost Stories - Edited by Ruskin Bond (A Collection of Stories)

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INDIAN GHOST STORIES (Edited by Ruskin Bond): A Collection of Ghost Stories from across the Indian Territory.
AUTHOR(s): The Book has some proud names like Rudyard Kipling, R.K.Narayan, A.Conan Doyle, Satyajit Ray, John Lang and Others.
EXCERPT: From one of my Favorite Stories from the book, by Ruskin Bond called, "TOPAZ" 
"Was it all a dream?
It was impossible to say. But the topaz on my hand glowed softly in the darkness.
And a whisper from the forest seemed to say,
'It isn't time that's passing by, my friend. It is you and I...'"

MSM Speaks: Now, I really do not possess hard cover books and that is a shame, I know (So? I read at least. :P) But, I am one proud owner of a copy of this 1962 spine-chilling book.Okay, not exactly spine chilling, but I love this book nonetheless. There is a sentimental value attached to this battered copy that I cherish, as my maternal grandfather had this on his name and I got it, after his death. Hence, I cannot dislike this one in any way.

Coming to the book...I rarely read 'Preface's but I lapped up the 6 page one this had, as it was written by Ruskin Bond. Now coming to the stories that are in here. I will give a short list of my favorites, which got me hooked to this genre since I was 10.
  1. Mark of the Beast (Rudyard Kipling):  Beautifully captures the ideologies of 'firangees ' in India - the story encapsulates the fact that some beliefs are not to be mocked at, as there is a beastly price to pay.
  2. The Strange Ride of Morrowbie Jukes (Rudyard Kipling): Shows an India, that I never knew existed.Gory, breath stopping and interesting, this is no simple tale. I read it twice to understand the chilling escape that our Morrowbie Jukes manages from the 'others'.
  3. Brown Hand (Arthur Conan Doyle): One of the nicest ghost stories I have ever read. It doesn't give false hopes about a ghost with claws and bites, but captures the eerie invisible mystery that a ghost story needs. Away from India, but Indian at heart, this story amuses me till date.
  4. Fritz (Satyajit Ray): Oh, who would have thought that the poetic Bundi ka kila (The Fort of Bundi) will be in a place that has some morbid childhood memories haunting a man of 30 years today. There is a way when a good pen moves on the paper, this story will make you forget to blink.
  5. Anathbabu's Terror (Satyajit Ray): This story always reminds me of the fact that sometimes, doubt is what leads a person to something, from which he can never come back. Written in first person, Satyajit Ray makes the reader feel ever chill, twist, emotion and pain in such an easy flow. It is easy to forget that it is fiction and not real. Captures rural Indian gossip truly. 
  6. Topaz (Ruskin Bond): This five page story is a tiny dynamite. It spikes your blood with tiny bursts of adrenaline and yes, I am biased, because it's Ruskin (Sir, I owe my love for books, to you!). It's set in Kasuali where Ruskin was born and he notices things, that we let pass by. 
  7. Around a Temple (R.K.Narayan): A hilarious bone tickler, written in R.K.'s trademark style, it captures India and it's mysticism in a real way that tells the readers, in India, God is real. (I cracked up at the agony of the UK-returned protagonist.
These are few stories that I  loved in the Book, then there are others, which are typical but good reads. Being MSM, anything with Ghost, Spirits, Hauntings etc. attracts me always and this book, takes me back to the childhood, when getting scared was easy... A must read, if you really want to relax, with a cup of steaming espresso. I promise you, you cannot put this one down, before you hit the last page.

My Rating: 4.5/5
I got this one for free, but for you all interested people, some of the details from the Penguin website ------>Here<------ are as follows:
The Penguin Book of Indian Ghost Stories: 
Publishers: Penguin Books India
Published: 14th October 2000
Imprint: Penguin
Edition: Paperback
Classification: Historical Fiction
Cover Price: Rs.195/-


  1. okay, this is definitely one of my most favourite reviews on this blog. makes me wish i had the book in my hand right now!! i love d way u hv written it; n d stories (which might or might not b scary) sound really interesting. can't wait to get reading! :)

  2. @Arpita: Awwwwww :D :D *Grinning* You just made my sad/bad day good! :D :D Thank you!! I knowww, this book has so many memories attached, it's lying right next to me... :) :)

    PS: No one ever told me my work was their favorite! *BIG HUG* Thank you! :D

  3. not a big fan of short stories mainly coz i don't have the flair for writing it. But if it has the men behind jungle book, sherlock holmes and malgudi days, i am up for it!

  4. forthe same reason mentioned by FL above, i love short stories .. And this one has just one word screaming in my head . CUTEEEE !!
    I am a big fan of Ray .. and i already have the whole volume of his feluda stories .. will pick up this one too soon :)

  5. @MSM: tht makes me so glad ^_^ big hug to u 2! :)
    @Nimue: "for the same reason mentioned by FL.." :D luv tht! ;)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. This was the first book I read. It's one of my favorites surely

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