Regonal: Maranathinte Thirakkadha by Anver Abdulla

                   'Maranathinte Thirakkadha' is a detective novel by Anvar Abdulla,published by Don Books.The protagonist is detective Perumal, an ex-CBI official-turned-Private investigator.Like in the case of many super star movies of yesteryears, in this book, the protagonist makes his appearance only towards the 'half-time'(read 'by the 100th page or so').
                   Leela Rose Panangadan is a newbie actress who has just found her super stardom.With a state award and a couple of blockbusters to her credit, she is widely considered as the 'next big thing' in the Malayalam film Industry.The producers are making a bee-line to get her dates and she has managed to garner her own share of detractors by now ,too. The prominent among them being , Gokul Das, an ageing superstar and a womaniser, who has suddenly developed a soft corner to Leela. But the smart lady that she is,Leela has been rather cold towards him till now and Gokul's enemity with Freddy, Leela's god-father is making things worse. Leela's dark past slowly catches up with her and Gokul and his cronies, including Janardhanan, the editor of a page 3,film magazine can't wait to make the best use of this situation.The actress becomes the prime accused in the murder of Robin Crish.Can Perumal save her from this mess?
                 The book is an engaging read.Though at times, you get the feeling that the author has tried the 90 s formula of long,court room dramas,towards the end he has been successful in tying all the loose ends.This is the kind of book which can be enjoyed during a long train/flight journey or on a lazy Sunday afternoon.This indeed is a good, time-pass read!I'm giving it a 3 out of 5.


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