Deceiving Bella by Cate Beauman

This is the third book by Cate Beauman that has landed in my inbox for a review. While many author's style and books become repetitive , I can not say that for Cate atleast.

First thing , the plot and the thrill was much more in this book than the last two I read. I definitely loved the story in this one. And some how , this was a little away from a perfect characters and setting.

Bella has finally laid to rest , her past and the stigma associated with it. But she can not stay away from trying to locate his father and when she does that , she is not ready for either the truth or the dangers she has knocked the doors of. Reed , after a near death experience walks away from his job and settles in LA to a good job and a house next to Bella. Never did he think that the answers he been seeking all his life would be so close to him yet to hard to get once he is involved with Bella.

The chemistry between the two is very casually built and based on being friends , something that I liked. The other cast in the book is given good space and time to develop and be known to the readers as we close in on the final. The romance is a little off the mark compared to the other books I read but one will totally appreciate the way it is build up and handled in a very natural manner. As both Reed and Bella come to terms with their truths , the feelings expressed are very heartfelt.

I like the "Bodyguards of LA"series and so far , I will readily read the other books that I have missed in the series.

My rating :3.5/5

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and review Deceiving Bella!


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