Blood in the paradise - a tale of an impossible murder by Madhav Mahidhar

Blood in paradise is a difficult book to like and a little difficult to let go too. The best part of the book is in knowing the result , but not the journey to the moment that set the things rolling. I liked the plot a lot , but the writing and editing turned me off. There are some events that are repeatedly told by different voices without adding any new perspective or direction to the story.

Madhumita tried to attempt suicide but is saved by her husband who dies from the same poison. It could be accident , or a planned murder but it will be no less than miracle to prove it in the court. The character development for key persons is done well , even if at misplaced locations in the story.  The court proceedings and the debate / protests that follow this case from the outside are one of the brilliant ideas in the book and I like the author presenting things in that format. Not just the flow is good there , even the arguments are worthy. But at other places , there is a disconnect or a feeling of treating reader as too unaware. That is a tad dragging. I felt the book needs a little trimming.

A good weekend read otherwise.

My rating : 3/5

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