#BookReview : Murder on the Orient express by Agatha Christie

It was year 2007, when I met a guy who was ( is ) a huge fan of Agatha Christie. Since he praised so much, i decided to try reading Poirot book the next weekend. But 25 pages into the book and I left it. I tried once again some years later but the results were no different. I felt the plot a little slow for my attention. But Everytime some one mentioned Agatha Christie books, it made me a little uneasy. All these years of reading and not a single book in my list ! So last week of 2015, on the long weekend I picked a random book and I finished reading in 2 days ! :D

Murder in the orient express is a unique book coz the whole book is set in a span of about 2-3 days. Also, the events happen and are solved on the train without any external help. The writing is slow but that helps in building the layers of the story and to give all facts to the reader. At no point, is the reader not aware of what is happenning or the questions Poirot asks. It is upto you to keep a track of all the clues and conversations to make the connections. This book in particular completely took me on a wonderful ride. Such charm, such delightful characters and such vintage feel to the whole scene. I am in love with Agatha Christie and Poirot. Hopefully this year I can finish all Poirot books. 

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  1. Agatha Christie's ' And then there were none' and ' Murder on the Orient Express' are the greatest mystery novels of all time.


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