India Unlimited by Kulpreet Yadav

 Written over the last decade, these stories are set in villages, towns and metro cities of a country under overhaul. It's an attempt to depict pain, pleasures and prejudices of everyday Indians as they adjust to the change that fate has thrust upon them. Inspired by real life incidents this collection slides through various themes like appalling lives of street children, new perceptions about love and sex, urban disorder, influence of western values, depraved spiritual gurus etc

There is something very amusing about a story collection. And one like this , based on some of the people , whom we cross daily . Or talk about , or hear about , that has definitely an added appeal.

From the moment I read about the book, I was eager to read it. And I would say that I am fairly content with the book. 

Kulpreet Yadav is the founder-editor of Open Road Review, a literary journal with an international footprint. He is also the founder member of Asia Pacific writers and translators association. His writings have appeared in various journals in India and elsewhere. And with that kind of eye and wisdom , the author has beautifully captured a myriad of emotions , events and snippets from our daily life.

One of my favorite story was "The Sari Shop" where a guy's thoughts are captured as his wife shops for a sari. I narrated the same to my guy and I could imagine him smiling at some of the references !

Another story "A familiar stranger" is a story of hope , help , assumptions and perceptions. For a moment , it makes you open your mind and heart to even the people you dislike for no real reason.

"Pocket ful of memories" is trippy , "Family of stars" is sad reality , "shadow of tomorrow" is amusing  , while  "Bringing sunset home" is heart-warming and heart-breaking too. Just like a few others stories.

what I did not like much was that some stories felt more like news clipping , and lacked a good character development. But what I loved was Kulpreet's writing.  In every story , you can see his unique and sometimes interesting observations of simple stuff. some of the prose read beautifully like a poem.

Overall , I will sure recco this book to anyone. It is good to see and know and hear some stories , new or old.

Rating : 3.5/5

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