Author: Enid Blyton
Genre: Children’s books
ISBN: 1405224037

“Midnight feasts. Matron. Dorm fights. Coventry. Horse riding. The view of the Cornish coast. Head girl. Values. Fun. Frolic. Abominable French and Mam’zelle. Tricks.”
I recently re-read this series a few days and it brought back so many memories. After reading this series, I always wanted to go to boarding school. Now that I really live away from home I realise it’s not exactly like the books. Anyways, first reason to read this. It’s written by Enid Blyton. That should be reason enough to read and buy and love these books. She’s brilliant. I don't understand how she does it. She uses such simple stories with simple language and a simple plot seems immortal and fun to read at any age.
The book is based on a boarding school in Cornwall called Mallory towers. It is set overlooking the sea that refreshes the swimming pool every day. ‘Darrell Rivers’ is the main lead who is new to this school but immediately warms up to it as it is so inviting. She enters the school in the first form and becomes head girl when she is in the sixth. But of course it's not all plain sailing for Darrell and her friends.  Malory Towers has six forms, from the first to the sixth, and four house towers—North, South, East and West. There are about forty girls in each form, divided among the four houses. Darrell and Co are in North Tower, where most of the action takes place, and where the girls try not to run foul of strict housemistress Miss Potts. Darell is the type of girl who is going to boarding school not as a punishment for bad behaviour (like in the naughtiest girl) but out of sheer excitement. This is a story of her life at school.

The entire series is about their experiences in a boarding school, the kind of people one finds there of all kinds of personalities both good and bad, dealing with problems as well as how leaving home makes one independent and helps them grow as people. The tricks they play on teachers and the way they enjoy their lives. It is also a book that focuses much on values of that time. Respect, determination and honesty being a few of the important ones depicted in the series.  Matron is one of the most warm and helpful people that they can approach but at the same time can be biting to those who require it. I really don’t know how to write a review about this book because I love it. I cannot find any reason to critique it except maybe its slightly chick lit so boys may not like it:P But other than that there is absolutely no reason you shall not love it so go. READ IT.

A favourite quote of mine from this series is what the headmistress tells every student on her first day at school and I think it applies to all of us in life, to do with someone or something. It is You will get a lot out of your time at Malory Towers. See that you give a lot back.' 

Rating :4/5

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