Nora Roberts - Rebellion

Author:Nora Roberts
Price: 275 INR
ISBN: 978-81-8474-802

Synopsis(As given at the back of the book) :

Vivacious Scottish beauty Serena Macgregor could never love an Englishman  Since she watched the attack on her mother she has vowed defiance.Her brothers friend Brigham Langston is no exception-despite his shocking good looks and supposed loyalty towards Scottish cause-she can give him nothing but disdain.

   One look at the fiery red head has Brigham captivated.A Sensational mix of rapier sharp tongue and angelic beauty he cant let Serena slip away.After all there nothing the English lord likes more than a challenge,Proving himself worthy of the Macgregor family respect will be a pleasure. Winning this remarkable young woman's heart is one war he'll happily wage.


Scotland,1745,Against the bloody background of the Battle of Culloden,another war is waging-the pride is humor,the victory and love.

The story begins by introducing the main lead Serena Macgregor,who is awaiting her father and brothers return from their hunting trip which she longed to accompany them on. That's how she has shown to be, a free spirit who would much rather unleash her wild red her riding horseback through the deep Glenroe forest of the highland than make a potted pie. But as all well bred women did she wandered in petticoats instead of jodhpurs and helped her mother the graceful Fiona Macgregor run the great Macgregor home.

 As she hears the clatter of horse hooves,she gets an uneasy feeling instead of the wash of excitement and relief she usually feels.Her mother quickly calls her in and rushes her into the nursery with her younger siblings. That is when it dawns upon her that it is not her beloved family but the English dragoons who have come to torment the unprotected ladies of the clan. As she watches her mother be tortured and raped, she vows to never look at an Englishman with anything but disgust. 

Ten years later,Serena has grown into a beautiful lady but is the same red headed wildcat at heart.  Her brother is up in London involved in the planning of a major rebellion against the English.  He brings home an Englishman, Brigham Langston who is helping him convince various clans of the highlands to join the fight to liberate Scotland. Serena is enraged and refuses to even be civil to him. The scars of that wretched night is burned in her memory and she is not willing to forgive nor forget.Brigham is amused by her antics and slowly falls in love with her,and is determined to make her feel the same way in time. The book has a great deal of local dialect and makes you feel a part of that era,experiencing the terror of war, loss and personal victory.

This is not a story of only love but of courage,strength and the binding loyalty of a family towards one another and the will to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.A captivating historical saga and a brilliant read.

Rating : 4/5

P.S. This is apparently a part of the Macgregor series, but the book are not connected in a way that you will not understand the plot if you read this one first.


  1. I can just imagine it...Unhand you cowardly mutt,you!...that was a random thought-snippet that came to my mind thinking of the swashbuckling hero...sigh.
    And I haven't read it.Definitely sounds good though!
    Nice job Ash!

  2. Such enrapturing review! :D I can actually visualize the story playing out! :D

    Keep it up! :D

  3. This year I hope I do read atleast one nora roberts book !
    *fingers crossed*

    this one surely tempt me !!


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