The Liberals - Hindol Sengupta

 Title : The Liberals
 Author : Hindol Sengupta
 Publisher : Harper Collins
 Pages : 310
 ISBN - 978-93-5029-143-6
 Genre - Non Fiction

"The Liberals", I never thought I would read this title. When you think about the title, it feels like it would be all about politics and stuff, economic development, liberalisation, this and that and what not. But, the book turned out to be something else. Hindol Sengupta, the author, has successfully managed to floor me with his wit and writing style.

The Liberals, is about the middle class of India. In the beginning of the book, the author describes the types of middle class we have in India. I would like to quote the terms here moddhobitto which means Middle Class, uchcho moddhobitto, means upper middle class and nimno moddhobitto means lower middle class. The description about all these three classes had me in splits.

The book has 26 chapters and moves between Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. Each chapter is unique in its own way and ensures that you laugh while reading it and also think about a certain points being raised in it. There are two chapters on Pakistan also, giving a whole new dimension to the book. The book deals with some harsh and poignant realities of life and makes you think about them. The author, who is 31, has shared his personal story in an impressive way and I am glad I read this book.

The language of the book is easy and familiar and you would instantly connect to it. After chapter 2, which is based in Mumbai and the author takes a walk in Dharavi, supposedly Asia's biggest slum area with a MNS worker, that book comes very interesting and you will be hooked to it.

While reading it, you would identify yourself with some situations (At least, I did) and that's what makes it more interesting. If you think, you belong to the middle class of India. Then I would definitely suggest you to read this one. You will like it for sure.

(Review asked by HarperCollins India)


  1. request u to please rate all books reviewed by u and label them accordingly. Becomes easier to navigate that ways

  2. Please throw some light on labeling and I usually dont rate books because perceptions differ among people, what I feel should be 5/5 can be 0/5 for someone else.

    And please let me know what do you mean by label them accordingly ? I will surely keep in mind from the mext time :)

  3. @yatin: while writing the review, u must have noticed the post settings on the right hand side of the page. there's an option to add "labels" to ur post. put in a few words like ur name, the author's name, the genre, and other key words associated with the book. that would help people locate ur review while going thru d "browse by" section. :)

    and about ur post- i sure didn't expect it to be a book that would make me laugh! guess i shouldn't always judge a book by its title! :D i haven't read non fiction in a long time. will try to get my hands on this one soon. thanks for the review :)

  4. and it's alright if u rate the book. just like the rating, people's opinion about books differ too. this would easily help someone get the gist of ur review. :)

  5. @Arpita : Okay, I got that. I do it for all my reviews and I think I have forgot to do that for this one. Sorry about that. I will just rectify this mistake.

    Also about the rating, I dont think I am someone who can rate someone's work. I am sorry but thats what I feel. I am just a novice, but when I think I have read enough books to rate a book, I would definitely do that. You have my word :)


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