A Twist In The Tale - Jeffrey Archer

Title : A Twist In The Tale
Author : Jeffrey Archer
Publisher : Pan Macmillan
ISBN : 9780312933524 
I think, I am gonna read all the books by Jeffrey Archer real soon. I mean, the books are too irresistible. Once I pick a book of his, I put it down after finishing it. Though, “A Twist In The Tale” was an exception to this routine. Its a collection of short stories by Archer and Sunny ( @SunnyOnHunt ) from twitter suggested me to read it after I posted the review for “To Cut A Long Story Short”. I picked up one short story at a time and thats how I completed the whole book in some twenty days. Sunny sent me an epub of this book, and I thank him for that.
A Twist In The Tale, is a collection of 12 short stories. Though, I felt that twists were a bit predictable but one cannot deny the fact that Archer’s writing is just kickass. The narration of each and every story was tight and one has to read each and every line with throughout attention. You miss out a point and the whole story goes for a toss for you.
The 12 stories presented in the book are as follows :
1. The Perfect Murder
2. Clean Sweep Ignatius
3. A La Carte
4. Not The Real Thing
5. Just Good Friends
6. The Steal
7. Colonel Bullfrog
8. Checkmate
9. The Wine Taster
10. A Chapter Of Accidents
11. The Loophole
12. Christina Rosenthal
Out of all the 12 stories, I thoroughly enjoyed reading 5 of them.
The Perfect Murder, because it was the first story and I had to read it 3 times to figure out what the twist was. Once I found it, I felt really dumb :|
Not The Real Thing and Just Good Friends, for their narration.
Clean Sweep Ignatius, because corruption is the thing that we keep talking and blabbering about these days. I am talking about India.
“Christina Rosenthal” story touched my heart even though it has sad ending. Nice love story.
Pick this book up, if you are into reading short stories,  I can vouch, you won’t be disappointed.


  1. Jeffrey Archer is good. A master. I have read all his twist in the tale stories, and also of Roald Dahl and H H Munroe ("Saki")and O'Henry. I, too, have published as ebooks no less than 6 volumes of twist in the tale short stories for women (chick-lit genre) and would like to invite people to download one of my FREE short stories from Smashwords. This is the link: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/120632
    (Please copy and past it in your browser if it is not clickable)

  2. currently reading this book.

    btw in clean sweep ignatious,he actually went there to deposit his black money,na?he was just making sure that he won't spill the beans about his grey deal(deposit)even after point blank threats?

    just wanted to clarify it...


  3. i liked the loop hole the most actually


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