The Cubicle Manifesto - Mainak Dhar

Title : The Cubicle Manifesto
Author : Mainak Dhar
Pages : 115
Genre : Self Help
Publisher : Ebury Press
ISBN : 9780091947972

I got this book few hours back. The title was intriguing and I picked it up. Hardly 115 pages this book has but its a complete eye opener. The book has been categorised under "Self Help" section by the publisher, but I would say its much more than that. If you ask me to summarise this book in one line, I would like to put it this way

"Its all about prioritising, making rules and follow them religiously"

This is what the book tells us in an rather way and a huge shout out to Mainak Dhar, the author, to coming up with it. I absolutely loved it.

Honestly, when I read the author's note, I was a bit disappointed. I thought, its another of that "Gyaan Giving" books. Towards the end of the author's note, I was absolutely sure, this one I am gonna drop in midway. But, the first chapter took me by complete surprise.

Mayukh is a happily married man and has his dream job. But, his work life is taking  a toll on him. One morning when he is too scared and going berserk about the current project that he is working on, he realises that his computer has been attacked with a virus named "The Cubicle Manifesto". Just imagine, how pissed off you would be, when something like this would happen to you.

The virus was nothing more than nagging girlfriend. Telling him, what to do, what not to do, how to do and turned Mayukh off so badly that he wanted to smash his laptop on the floor. Little did he know, what the virus was up to, when he realises that the virus is actually trying to help him, and thats when things start getting better for Mayukh and how? Well, for that you need to read this book.

I have often seen and have experienced myself that when you are at your workplace, there is this eerie tension and baggage that you always carry on your shoulders. Well, if you read this book, you would know why it is like that. Mainak has come up to sort out the issues in quite an interesting and appealing way which I am sure, if someone is facing the Cubicle Tyranny, would instantly connect to and would try to implement the things being told in the book.

Give it a shot, you workaholics. I am sure you would not regret reading this one.

(Review asked by Random House)

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