The Confession - John Grisham

Title : The Confession
Author : John Grisham
Pages : 456
Genre : Fiction 
Publisher : Arrow Books
ISBN : 978-0-099-54582-8

I think I like thrillers more when it comes to fiction. I had never read a John Grisham and when given a chance to opt from a long list of books, the first book that I shortlisted was his latest writing on the board, "The Confession". The best part about John's Grisham is simple writing. The language is really very simple and honestly I didn't keep dictionary by my side as I always do while reading books. (That's a confession) :D

The book is divided into 42 chapters and begins with when Travis Boyette, who has been charged with several sexual abducts, an evil man who has been diagnosed with brain tumour comes to Keith Schroeder, an everyman's minister, to confess his crime out of nowhere. He confesses that he has raped and murdered a famous high school cheerleader, some 10 years back, named Nicole Yarber and the whole blame has been put on to Donte Drumm, a local star football player. Drumm is tried, convicted and sentenced a death penalty for the hideous crime. One Keith finds out and makes Tavis confess the hideous crime that he did, thats where the story begins. 

Grisham's writing is tight with no non-sense. He focuses on the plot and makes sure that you dont put the book down till it reaches its conclusion. The twists and turns in the book, can be quite sickening for the reader, but Grisham ensures that you are hooked to it. Keith's dark narrative is one of the highlights of the book. Definitely. For me it was. The book also touches something that we always hear in news and stuff, Racism. As Donte was a black man, and Nicole was white, there is an another dimension to the whole case. 

So, all and all, if you love reading thrillers, then this book is surely for you. If you ask me to categorise the type of thriller, it is a legal thriller, which is what Grisham is known for. 

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  1. @yatin: i like how ur reviews r short and to the point. it's easy to read when sum1 is in a hurry! :) i love john grisham and i am definitely going to read this one. read "the firm" by him. (there's a review here.) trust me, you'll LOVE it! :)


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